Bravo Bravissimo

I rarely ever do shop reviews, but when Bravissimo approached me and offered me a proper bra fitting I jumped at it. I have a, shall we say, rather ample bosom, and find it hard to find pretty yet supportive underwear so generally just end up wearing plain black over the shoulder boulder holders all the time. Any time I've tried to venture into more exciting lingerie (ie. colour or lace...) there s bound to be spillages...

Bravissimo offer supportive, pretty, well fitting underwear for women with D-KK cups, the majority of the styles are rather more mature than I would choose, but there is something for everyone. I picked out, with the help of the lovely Kat in the Manchester store, some black plunges, purple satin numbers and finally this leopard print set (which I can't seem to find online...) which tickled my fancy that you can see above.

I went in a 34D and came out a 32E/F... I couldn't believe the difference it makes, the proper support at the back lifts everything up to where it should be and the way it's shaped makes me look a dress size smaller, win and a half.

To any girlies out there with bigger boobs and an un-inspiring underwear drawer, I thoroughly recommend a trip to Bravissimo, the fitting is free and you don't have to buy anything unless you want to. You also get a little personalised size card with instructions how to check if your bra is fitting properly.

For more info and to find out where your nearest store is, visit their website.


  1. I've been wondering how to do my review without posting pictures of me in it, haha! Love your bra and I'm LIVING in mine!

  2. *high five* boob buddies....err..we're the same size :P
    if you don't know about What Katie Did, i'd give that a look too - fantastic for vintage styles (including a bullet bra i've particularly fond of right now) though they can cost a little more than I can afford...


  3. Beautiful bra, I'm feeling tempted! Plus, you're brave getting fitted properly, I always get so nervous! Haha x


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