The Beautiful and the Damned

This is the new collection from Stylestalker, the design lovechild of Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San, and I am a little bit in love with it...

The elegant shirts, the touches of leather, intricate lace and full skirts make this collection beautiful. With a slight sense of darkness, these pieces offer effortless style by the bucket load.

The collection is available to buy online here. For more info and images, visit their website.

p.s. You can see the video that accompanies the look book here.


  1. wow, love these photos so much! that first one is probably my fav. thanks so much for sharing. :]

  2. OMG!!love the collection...
    it's way it!!


  3. that shkirt is beautiful
    thanks for sharing

  4. so great, everything!

    the first styling reminds me of tba, uh

  5. The tan jacket is my favorite, I just love tight jackets over super long dresses... Great picks :)

    International Fashion

  6. I would say I love this post. They are my favourites so far of everything you have shown us. Wow. Are you heading to London next weekend? It would be lovely to see you if you are. Xxxx

  7. Glamour and drama has found a comfy place in this collection!

  8. Glamour and drama has found a comfy place in this collection!

  9. oh i'm a bit in love too. how do you feel about sharing?

    Bright Green Laces


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