Anyone who knows me will know I like simple, comfy clothes and Pomestaymenyami combines the two with a dash of art.

The brand describes itself as "an artistic label that functions as a performance", which is pretty much exactly what it is. The images are also very simple, with an eerie yet strangely romantic feeling to them. I enjoy.

For more info and images, visit the website.


  1. such pretty pictures. esp love the first one and the one with the hand attached to some kind of machine on the wall. inspiring !

  2. aw so pretty, really
    nice pictures and blog!

  3. Really cool! I'm really excited about the fashion coming out of Russia. I think they're finally starting to live up to the hopes everyone pinned on them that they'd be the next "London"

  4. I just adore the first two pictures <3.

  5. Image 3: that color and flexible shape... so lovely! It stands out so well amidst the other colors without being completely outlandish :)

    Ripped Nylon


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