Today is the day we hand in our portfolios from the first semester of uni, it has been a stressful little thing to do but it'll finally be over today, yay! That means I can get back to blogging properly (for a little while until it's final project time), take on a few more projects and try and show my face on here a little bit more (there's a start above!)...

I will be a better blogger, I promise! Love you and your face.

p.s. Amy from Wolfwhistle resolutions are blog-body-job,  mine are blog-body-uni, care to join Team BBJ/U?


  1. Ah finally indeed! I'm sure you did great and happy to have you back :)


  2. i keep reading your blog :)

  3. So glad you're finally turning your portfolio in! :)
    Definitely on your team.

  4. Your team, all the way!

    Congrats on hitting your milestone at Uni! :-)


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