Cake Mag

I recently discovered Cake Mag, who describes itself as the indie, confused and sweet magazine. Kind of sums it up perfectly really.

The photo shoots featured online, though all by different photographers and stylists, they all have a similar sense of awkward beauty and sumptuous colours.

I picked out the above shoot shot by Louise Hatton and styled by Courtney Sanders to show to you lovely people as I love the playful use of accessories, mostly the hair clips which reminded me of being about 11 and trying out different (equally awesome) hairstyles. They are simple, a little odd but still beautiful images.

I also want to steal the wardrobe for this shoot and may have to do some digging to find out about the clothes and accessories featured, expect some blog posts about them in the future!

Have a gander at Cake Mag here.


  1. oooo im gonna have to check it out. Those pics are gorgeous i even love the makeup.

  2. aah i love these!! I can see how they translate into the description of the mag and yes they are soo 11 year old but grown up too.. Really like the styling choices and surprised when you said they were by different stylists? crazy! my favourite is the glasses shot but love them all! check-innn-it-out.

  3. The first picture is just so perfect
    I'm gonna go check out the mag now!

  4. I especially love that leopard shirt!

  5. Beautiful styling! I love the hair pieces too. I would wear more clips and bows in my hair, but I feel like it makes me look young and people already think I'm a good 8 years younger than I am lol ;)

    xoxo Maria

  6. Love these images, the colours are so good!

    The way they've used those big claw hair clips is so perfect.

    Will have to check out this magazine for definite!

    Hollie x

    lipstick and balloons

  7. Extremely adorable!! Will check it out!


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