Thursday, 30 September 2010

Chau Har Lee

I have to run off to uni pretty sharpish but I thought I'd treat you to a little Thursday morning shoe porn before I left...

These, pretty much amazing shoes, are designed by Chau Har Lee, a London based designer. Her shoesies (I feel ridiculous calling them that as they are lethal but I'm going to anyway) are available in Selfridges on a made to order basis.

Visit his website here for more info and images.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Heavy Machine plus cheeky discount code

Shoe porn on a Tuesday anyone? I've fallen head over heels (I am hilarious...) in love with pretty much all of the S/S 11 Heavy Machine collection.

The remind me of a sublter version of Atalanta Weller's designs, which you would actually be able to walk in and wear on a daily basis. I love the curved, chunky, peep hole heels and block colours and want all of them in my life. The black collection of shoesies remind me of a Meccano contraption, which is a damn good thing.

The lovely people at Heavy Machine have offered you lovely people the chance to get 15% off when you buy some Heavy Machine shoes (just quote "iliketweet" at the checkout!) for 10 days starting NOW. Go go go!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Liam Stafford

Chuck me in a cave with some brightly coloured mohair and I'm happy. Apparently, so is Liam Stafford, Kingston Uni graduate who created these beauties.

I love the structure of the heightened shoulders and rounded hips contrasted with the woollen textures. There are so many different kind of fabrics used, from smooth tweed to hairy mohair in all manner of colours, from fluro to black and I want in.

The cave as a setting for this shoot is a little bit perfect too, the harsh rockface make the softness of the clothing even more beautiful.

For more info, visit his Ftape profile.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Alex Prager Photography

I pretty much want to live in these photos, I want to be the girls in glasses at the cinema, I want a brightly coloured wig and a yellow taxi to smoke on (even though I don't smoke)...

These images are by LA photographer Alex Prager who has a similar theme of girls I want to be running through his sets of photos, her website is definitely worth a look through, even if it is a little hard to navigate...

Who's with me? Shall we get a taxi and some wigs? Alright then!

For more info and images, visit her website.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Edward Finney S/S 11 and Interview

Edward Finney is a designer who I've been following for quite a while now (see the post about his previous collection here). I finally got to meet the man himself at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer exhibition at London Fashion Week and have a gander at his S/S 11 collection, which is simply beautiful.

I had a chat with Edward about his new collection, showing at Fashion Weeks and Ancient Egypt...

What was exhibiting at London Fashion Week like for you?
Great, I was very pleased with the response to the collection, I think London is the testing ground for all young designers. I wanted to know if I was 'flogging a dead horse'. However having had a positive response I shall be also exhibiting in a Showroom in Paris. I hope to show in London, this is my aim.

What is the inspiration behind this collection and what does it mean to you?
Each season I tend to choose a women with an interesting story. This season Mata Hari was perfect. Her style fit perfectly with my previous research which included Ancient Egypt and Paris in the late 1920's. Although she was Dutch her look evoked that Egyptian style and Paris in the 20's when Art Deco began.

It means a lot to tell a story behind each collection, as a designer it helps open even more creative avenues and it would hopefully interest others.

Your colour palette changes every season, what made you choose gold, black and white for this collection?
Mata Hari, I chose White for the purity (start of life), Gold to represent excitement and energy plus it fits in with Ancient Egypt and Black for her execution (the associated with death).

Who is your favourite designer?
That 'Old Chestnut' question, I think it changes each season depending on the collection. Without a doubt I have been heavily inspired by those who I have been honoured and lucky to have work with, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. Both designers will always continue to inspire.

You recently forayed into film, did you feel you could be even more creative in an unfamiliar medium?
Yeah I think fusing all artistic mediums into fashion work if executed correctly. Film tends to be more personal for the viewer than a show, it is timeless and can be seen over again. Everyone can be on the front row.

My short film 'The Garment that Bleeds', is based on the execution of Mata Hari in Paris. I designed (probably) the first garment that bleeds colour and the colour soon vanishes. The film is on my site and I have also published an unedited version for those doubters.

Who can you picture wearing this collection?
Any women who has a strong personality and confidence somebody like Daphne Guinness.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
A brand that will live true to its own identity. Too many designers are forced into losing their creativity due to the current market, it was hard times like these that created a new wave of highly creative designers. I hope create pieces that interest and evoke Parisian Couture.

For more info and images of his collection, visit Edward's website.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Kelly Anna Sheppard live sketches

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that I am a massive fan of illustrator Kelly Anna, who I finally got to meet a few days ago at LFW.

These are some of her recent live sketches from the shows at London Fashion Week including Hermione De Paula, Eudon Choi and Kang D, Impressive no?!

Her work is adored by a rather impressive collection of people ranging from Naomi Campbell to Paloma Faith. All in all, she's a bit bloody good.

Check out her blog for more info and gorgeous illustrations.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week Part Four: Outfits, haircuts and show time

This was Tuesday, the last day of womenswear at LFW. I'm wearing a Tux jacket from H&M (stolen from Claire), a velvet dress from Topshop and zippy shoes from ASOS. I'm so incredibly high street.
Claire is pretending to be someone terribly important in her shades and heels, not that she isn't obviously... She's wearing a leather jacket with a H&M fur stole that we cunningly safety pinned to it in the morning, a vintage red dress from Vintage Threads, vintage belt, sunglasses and shoes from Urban Outfitters.
We both had our hair and make up one in the press lounge seeing as, because of shitty postage, our tickets didn't arrive on time. MAC and Toni and Guy made us look presentable/scary and we enjoyed wearing loads of lipstick. I went back to a bowl cut, with a slight reddish tinge obv, and Claire had hers curly, I rather like our faces and we were ready for the barrage of parties we just 'had' to go to that evening.
I love how fashion shows are exactly the same as the stereotype, they could all be something out of The September Issue, but that's what I love about them.

These (rather shoddy, apologies!) photos are from the Ashish show on Tuesday that we managed to get into despite the ticket problems thanks to the lovely Alice who came with replacements. The show had a very rodeo/cowboy feel to it obviously with a cheeky bit of leopard print thrown in there. I loved the entirely checked, sequined pieces and kind of want some in my wardrobe...

The head pieces were made by the rather wonderful Piers Atkinson who I will be forever in awe of. I also love taking photos of photographers at fashion shows, it just looks so odd...

This is pretty much the last of my LFW stuff (seeing as party photos would be a little too drunken...), apart from plenty of new designers I found who will be featured over the next few weeks, so roll on next season!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Fashion Week Part Two: Labb Emerge

After spending the afternoon wandering around Somerset House and cursing the Royal Mail/stamps for failing to deliver the majority of our show tickets on time (they arrived this morning about 4 days late...) we trekked over to Hoxton for the Labb Emerge Show.

Labb Magazine offer a platform for emerging talent so gathered a group of them in one rather 'trendy' basement and fed us up with yummy Brazilian cocktails. Plus, the lovely Kelly Anna was in residence sketching the attendees (which you can see in the bottom couple of images) which is always a reason for me to go anywhere.

One of my favourite mini galleries was entitled Project 1927: The Study of an Orchid by Darkest Star, a snippet of which you can see in the first image. Beautiful origami shaped canvas dyed in delicious colours acted as the shoulder straps for a handbag and adorned the walls.

Another of my favourites was Emma Heenan's tapestry inspired mirrored beauties, she doesn't have a website right now but if you want to get in touch let me know and I'll give you her email!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

London Fashion Week Part Three: Our LFW outifts and Exhibition Jewellery

On Monday at LFW I wore a vintage cream (apparently reflective...) shirt, H! by Henry Holland leathery shorts, Markus Lupfer bag and Office shoes.
The lovely Claire Turner (my LFW date) Blazer from H&M, shirt from American Apparel, feathered brooch from Urban Outfitters, leathery trousers from H&M and boots from Topshop.
Comfort Station's gorgeous book and jewellery display, an idea which I will so be stealing in the future...
I am so lusting after these Michelle Lowe-Holder leather cuffs, I smell a DIY project...

Today is the last day of Womenswear LFW, so we're spending the day pretending to be important, going to shows and trying to show up at the million (extreme exaggeration but still needs organising!) parties we've been invited to... So expect many a post this week!

Monday, 20 September 2010

London Fashion Week Part One

Today is the first day I've been able to get down to London, therefore missing half of Fashion Week which is perfectly fine with me as I had a delight of a Northern weekend. But I am here now and, along with my trusty friend Claire, will be tackling Fashion Week today.

Seeing as we both have minus energy we'll no doubt just be wandering around aimlessly, occasionally popping into shows and often attending an odd party, but it'll be fun!

To get you (and me) in the mood, here are a couple of teaser videos including an introduction to LFW and a cheeky interview with Mary Katrantzou, Charles Anastase and Emilio De La Morena courtesy of the lovely people at Mercedes Benz.

Prepare for many a more London Fashion Week posts over the next few days and hopefully some cheeky interviews from some of my new favourite designers.

Friday, 17 September 2010

What I do in real life...

So, the reason my posting has been a little bit sporadic over the past couple of weeks is that I'm now back at Uni (I study Fashion Promotion at Uclan in Preston) working my rather round bottom off.

The first little project to get us back in the creative swing of things was to create some posters/adverts in the style of different artists that we admired. So, for research I've been copying my favourite artists' work and then doing my own thing when I've mastered the technique.

I chose Rob Ryan, Krisatomic and Little Doodles to copy the shite out of, I'm rather pleased with how the Little Doodles doodles turned out and decided to show them off a little bit. I am not passing these off as my own AT ALL, just my own little homage to their greatness...

London Fashion Week starts today, exciting! I'm heading down on Sunday so expect coverage from then on...
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