Monday, 30 August 2010

Travels across the Pond: W-i-s-c-on then you add a little sin

Farmer's Market in Madison 
Baseball and tailgating! 
The Wisconsin State Fair
A boot shaped glass full of 3 litres of beer that you weren't allowed to put down until it was finished...
A Thai temple in the middle of a beautiful garden and some flowers...
Canoeing times! Apologies for the awful photo of me...
Corn fields near my friend's house
Cliche American photo!

So yes, these are the rest of the less questionable photos from my travels to the US. We basically ended up wandering all over Wisconsin, which is in the Midwest and not particularly seen as a coveted tourist destination, but it is a little bit wonderful and we had so much fun.

Tailgating is officially my new favourite past time, it's basically where you sit in a car park before a baseball or football game, drink a lot of beer, barbecue things and play yard games, it's a whole bunch of fun, you should go try it in your local Asda and see what happens!

We ventured to a few rather beautiful places between the boots of beer... Including the Olbrich Gardens and the Farmer's Market in Madison where I took a few cheeky snaps of some veggies. In the Olbrich Gardens there is a Thai pavillion hidden away amongst the roses and sunken gardens, which was built in Thailand, disassembled then re-built in good ol' Wisconsin and it is one of only 4 located out of Thailand, a little bit fancy I'm sure you'll agree. I like me some facts.

Also, I thought it was a little bit necessary to include an American flag, it just has to be done! Normal posting will resume as of tomorrow, honest.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Travels across the Pond: Chicago and Lollapalooza

So, this is the first in a few installments of my holiday snaps, they aren't particularly beautiful, professional or attractive due to the fact I was too busy having fun to hone my mad photography skillz!

These images are from the first few days of our holiday in the lovely city of Chicago, we stepped out of the train straight on to the set of Transformers 3 which was being filmed on the street, as you do, but we headed straight to the hotel, met our friends and relaxed with a cheeky rum and coke; something I would become known for over the duration of the trip...

For those of you who don't know about Lollapalooza, it is a huge music festival which takes place in downtown Chicago, right next to Lake Michigan, and boasts some of the biggest names in music for example the rather delightful Lady Gaga (who you can see above), Arcade Fire, Phoenix, Chromeo, The Kissaway Trail and a myriad of my other favourites.

We also had a day of sightseeing in Chicago where we went up the tallest building there; The Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), went on a lovely boat trip, ate far too much yummy food, went to the Contemporary Art Museum, saw a lot of lovely things and, of course, had some rum and coke...

There will be more photos to come if you're interested, if not, come back in a couple of days and normal posting will continue!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Edward Finney Sneaky Peek

Here's a cheeky, sneaky peek at Edward Finney's new collection, due to launch on the first day of London Fashion Week on the 17th of September, thanks to the lovely Vauxhall Fashion Scout. 

I have blogged about Edward Finney in the past (which you can see here), I love to watch designers progress and develop throughout their career, and you can easily see the steps that Finney has made just one collection on even from only a couple of images (I have another but blogger won't let it upload, boo). 

Finney's designs have become more tailored, mature and slightly less avant garde, judging by these images alone obviously. There may be a few curve balls thrown in there when the complete collection launches which, as always, would be appreciated. I love the brocade fabric mixed with the flowing silk, all topped off with beautiful turbans that I am seriously coveting but know I would never be able to pull off...

I'll hopefully be seeking out Finney for a chat over LFW so we can all have a closer look at his full collection, but until then, have a look at his website and find the missing image!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Sandra Van Der Wildt, homecomings and apologies

I have returned from my US travels back to the gloomy grey skies of England, I will do a dedicated post (or seven) about my amazing trip but at the moment I'm too emotionally and physically drained to think about it, I have returned minus a boyfriend, to a broken Macbook and massively jet lagged...

But, enough about me and my whining, what's nicer than indulging in a little jewellery perving? These lovely pieces were designed by Sandra Van Der Wildt, for her new collection of shiny beauties, entitled 'Raggio'. I love the odd curves, unusual detailing and contrasting finishes which all band together to create something a little bit special.

For more info, visit Sandra'a website or treat yourself to one from Designer Market.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mads Teglers

This is a rather lovely editorial from Oyster Magazine by photographer Mads Teglers, both the magazine and photographer are worth having a closer look at.

I would love to know who designed the big, red tulle number, I can imagine Tavi falling in love with it and making a wonderful video with her sister similar to their Chalk number.

All I really want to do is wear my big old man glasses and find a red, wooden pony and my life will be complete.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Helen Furber

Shoe porn alert. But what could be better than plain old shoe porn than conceptual shoe porn?

These beauties are created by Helen Furber and they are a little astounding. It's like building your own pair of shoes, except they are more awesome than anything I could imagine. I also love the styling of this still life shoot, eggs contrasted with feathers and coal show off the shoes perfectly.

For more images and info, visit her online portfolio or her blog.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Collar Me

(Photography by Will Epps, check out his online portfolio here)

I have two things from Primark in my wardrobe, this dress is one of them and I'm a little bit in love with it. I barely ever shop in Primark because everything falls apart so easily and, at their prices, you know something is not quite right somewhere in the production line... But let's not get caught up in that!

I kind of wish this dress had sleeves, it would make me feel very Wednesday Addams indeed. I love the collar though. I am wearing my trusty Office shoes as usual and my Topshop leather jacket.

We got some very funny looks from people at the train station whilst taking these!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Ibai Acevedo

It seems like I can barely last a month without posting underwater photos, I love the simplicity of this series though, they aren't all about the floaty dress being taken away with the current, they are simply about a girl in a dress in the water.

The tone of these images are beautiful, the washed out, vintage style suits her outfit and the dappled sunlight is a must with underwater shots.

These shots are by Ibai Acevedo, who has some beautiful photography on his website which you should definitely have a look at.
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