Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I thought it was high time I got some pretty, pretty dresses on to this here blog. I can't help but post millions of pictures of things more appropriate for A/W than S/S at the moment because that's what I'm looking forwards to, the fashion industry is so topsy turvy...

But anyway, here are some lovely, wearable, summery yet still beautifully designed dresses that I can imagine myself stomping around a festival in these and a pair of muddy wellies and half a shaved head.

Cocotte have also teamed up with uber feminine jewellery designer Lucie Saint-Leu to create a diffusion jewellery line to accompany their dresses. There are gorgeous enamel body chains, dainty necklaces and beetle inspired designs, one of which you can see in the images above but I definitely recommend going to the Cocotte website for a closer look because they are a bit special.

For more info, images and to shop visit the website.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Aoi Kotsuhiroi

I love a little bit of slightly creepy yet distinctly beautiful jewellery and Aoi Kotsuhiroi's accessories firmly sit in that category.

Pretty gems and rocks are contrasted with skulls, strapped up and binded with constrictive thread on rings and necklaces alike. The styling of the lookbook has probably swayed me a little, the ruby talons and bloodlike staining makes everything seem a little more 'dark' right?

I love the idea of a skull collar and would rather like to pretty it right up!

For more info and to snap up some for yourself, visit the website.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Andreas Waldschuetz

These rather lovely photos are the work of Andreas Waldschuetz, who has recently shot the campaign images for Not Just A Label's new organic t-shirts, which can be seen and purchased here.

I thought I'd show you some of his previous work rather than the NJAL tee shots, just because it's always nice to take a look back! There are dreamy lake shots, sultry black and white shoots and a distinct 1970's vibe, what more could you ask for?

I'll be doing nails next weekend in Manchester at Vintage Threads and I need some ideas! So if any one has any creative things I can transpose to someone's nails, leave a comment! Also, if anyone is around Manchester on the 3rd of July, come and join in and I'll do whatever you like to your nails for you :)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Liverpool adventures with Buckets

I had a meeting scheduled in Liverpool last week and Mat of Buckets and Spades (who has an awesome competition running on his blog at the moment that you should definitely check out!) decided to tag along for a jolly!

So, we decided to visit The Tate, have a shop in Liverpool One and generally explore Liverpool seeing as neither of us had spent a huge amount of time there before.

The Tate was amazing, even more so than usual, we didn't end up visiting the Picasso exhibition but we thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it. There is a sculpture exhibition running at the moment across two floors of The Tate which is a little bit wonderful, one floor has been curated by Carol Ann Duffy (who takes me back to A Level English Language...) and has pieces all connected with language, ranging from kinky fluorescent lights to transcribed Bob Dylan documentaries spanning the length of one wall.

One of my favourite pieces was by Cornelia Parker called 'Measuring Niagara with a Teaspoon', she has melted a silver teaspoon and stretched it to the length of Niagara Falls. You can see a video of her talking about her work here. I took a photo of it but it was in an incredibly reflective frame so it turned out quite abstract but interesting...

After having a bit of a boogie on the disco floor in The Tate, we ventured out for a little bit of a shop in Liverpool One, which is lovely by the way! I had already done a little Top-shopping in the sale before the meeting but we had a wander round staring at things we couldn't afford, including the black Miu Miu's I've been lusting over in the Flannel's sale.

We had a little rest on the deck chairs and carried on perusing the shops all over Liverpool, after that we failed to find somewhere suitable to drink booze so settled with M&S sweets! Twas a lovely day out.

The winner of my recent Lady Gaga competition is the lovely lady from Walk The Sand! I will be hosting another, rather exciting, giveaway in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Kathryn McGee Illustrations

You may remember the name Kathryn McGee from my 'Graduate Spotlight' posts, where I showcased her graduate collection of amazing, draped pieces.

When Kathryn told me she also dabbled in illustration, I was intrigued and wanted to see more. She sent over a few of her pencil and watercolour sketches, which I pretty much instantly fell in love with. Their adorable charm and glimmer of oddness makes me happy and I can imagine the last one hanging above my desk, watching over my while I work.

For more information, visit Kathryn's LCF Showtime Profile.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Ears Wide Open

Welcome to the World of Alexandra Embleton. This lovely lady, obsessed with illustration and music, has combined her two loves to create a zine packed full of indie bands, animation and hand drawn portraits.

I very nearly referred to them as doodles but they are worth so much more than that flippant word used to describe something drawn on your maths book in year 8, they are portraits, obviously drawn with love and a little bit of passion, evoking the subject perfectly.

Following in the footsteps of the wonderful Sketchbook magazine, there needs to be way more hand drawn magazines in the World. I, for one, would heartily approve.

To see more of Alex's zine, 'Ears Wide Open' and her other lovely illustrations, visit her blog.

Today is the last day to enter my competition to win Lady Gaga sunglasses, fake eyelashes and make up! The competition will close at midnight UK time. Click here to enter. 

Thursday, 24 June 2010

DIY Leopard print nails tutorial

So, before I start the tutorial I must say that I have only recently been able to paint my nails, due to the fact that I have bitten them all my life resulting in little stumpy nails that you can't do anything with. About 4 months ago I decided to kick the habit and have had zillions of bright colours on my nails ever since. I was sticking to basic, plain colours until I saw Gem Fatale's WAH inspired leopard print nail tutorial, which you can see here and is a video so it may be easier for you to follow, but don't go away yet!

First things first, you need your tools. You need a base coat, a contrasting colour for the spots, liquid eyeliner and a clear varnish for a top coat. I have used OPI in Tangerine Scene for the base, Barry M Cyan Blue for the spots, Blink + Go waterproof liquid eyeliner and Elegant Touch clear varnish.

You need to apply your base coat, I've opted for bright orange for the base coat but I had mint green on yesterday with pink spots and that looked good too, so you can basically choose whichever colours you like. You'll probably need to do a couple of coats to make sure it has good coverage.

Once your base coat has dried, load up your contrasting varnish colour, with enough to make sure you get nice even blobs but not enough that you get lumpy leopard spots... You can make them as big or as little as you like but it always looks best if you have a mixture of the two.

After the spots have dried, whip out your liquid eyeliner (I'm using a waterproof one to make sure it stays where I put it but you can use any kind or colour of liner as long as you do a top coat) and put little lines/daubs around the spots. Three lines looks good but it's up to you really! Don't worry if they're not the neatest, leopard spots are always different anyway!

Make sure the eyeliner has dried properly and apply your clear top coat to seal everything in, if you're not using waterproof liquid eyeliner, make sure you apply the clear varnish quickly and carefully so not to smudge everything.

And then you should have leopard-y nails! I'm sure yours will be better than mine, if you do have a go at it, make sure to tweet or email me a picture and I'll link you up.

Good luck!
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