Friday, 30 April 2010

Heidi Wikar

I thought I'd treat you all (and my blog) to a little splash of colour, albeit alongside a mass of grey. I always seem to be more attracted to darker, more striking pieces rather than the pop of colour my already grey blog longs for.

Heidi Wikar's A/W 10 designs fulfill my need for the odd and creative along with a nice big dollop of vibrant colour to accompany it. I also love the way the lookbook is set out, with a blurred image next to a normal head to toe shot, it shows a contrast between the two.

They jersey pieces look so comfy and wearable, I'd wear them forever... The puffer jacket-esque pieces are slightly less wearable but equally amazing.

For more info, visit her website.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Carly Hunter and Traianos Pakioufakis Concept Shoot

I stumbled upon Traianos Pakioufakis' concept shoot, Dune Children, whilst perusing the blog of the stylist of the shoot, Carly Hunter.

Carly Hunter is also a very talented designer, some of her designs can be seen in this shoot, others can be found on her blog.

I fell in love with this shoot as soon as I saw it, it's just too oddly lovely not to. The bleached out, monochromatic tones match the deserted surroundings perfectly. The styling also fits beautifully, the simplistic lines, minimalistic make up, wind blown hair and turban like accessories. I even love the fact that you can see the label of the models' thong in the last image! It makes it that little bit more normal...

What do you think lovely readers?

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Black and Gold

(Photography by Will Epps, check out his online portfolio here)

Just hanging out under a bridge in leather hotpants and 6 inch wedges, you know, as you do...

I actually wore this outfit to a leaving do on Friday in Manchester and rather liked it so recreated it with some better shoes! The shoes are a new addition to my shoe family and are from Office. They have a velvet curved wedge and thick elastic wrapping round your feet, I absolutely adore them. Plus, they're very comfortable!

The black and gold jumper is from Topshop and it has teeny shoulder pads which make me feel a bit like a robot, in a good way. The shorts are from Henry Holland's collection for Debenhams, a collection which is, on the whole, a barrage of colour and pattern but if you look there are some amazing pieces in there.

Hunching is not a flattering angle for me... Ah well...

ALSO, it looks like I'll be in London on Friday if anyone knows of any interesting things going down and would like to let me know... Or if anyone wants to have a bloggers meet up just get in touch!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Texture Labb

(Photography by  Danish photographer Flemming Leitorp)

This is a cheeky sneak preview of a shoot that will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Labb Magazine, The Texture Labb. They only just got these shots in the office yesterday so it's lovely of them to send them over for us to look at.

Labb is all about the new, vibrant and upcoming people in design and, being based in Birmingham, is able to seek and focus on talent outside of London. Also, the submissions for content are open to everyone so it is a great platform for emerging talent with a leaning towards high fashion.
I love this preview shoot, though it reminds me so much of the texture shoot by Grace Coddington which is seen in The September Issue, especially the last 'bin bag, but it looks great' dress, this one is by Barbara I Gongini. Did I ever mention how much I love Grace Coddington by the way? I think she's a genius, plus she grew up exactly where I did so there's hope for me yet...

Anyway, that's beside the point, it's the little things I love about this shoot, namely the accessories. They add to and enhance the dark, textured clothing and bring out something extra. My favourite is the silver fox ring in the image with the hood, that is exactly what's missing from my life at the moment... It is by Bjorg Jewellery who's online shop is under construction unfortunately and I don't know where stocks them, darn. But I can daydream right?

The angular, woven jewellery would match perfectly with Derek Lawlor's dresses too I think.

The Texture Labb will be available Worldwide on the 7th of June, until then why not check out their website and previous issue online here...

Monday, 26 April 2010

Anuschka Hoevener

I love looking through a young designers' back catalogue to see how they've changed their design aesthetic. I recently wandered through Anuschka Hoevener's entire body of work which spans six collections from 2007 onwards.

Her first collection was very creative, knitwear based and just a bit lovely. The last image shows a headpiece entirely made of knitted balls creating a hat not disimilar to a 1950's hair-do, which I love.

She then carried on to create more knitted pieces including amazing, chunky tubes of scarf that take over the models' neck in the first image. I tried to recreate this last year but alas, got impatient and just settled for creating paper chain style necklaces which you can see in a very old post here.

Since then Anushka has grown up with her designs, creating chic and wearable clothing with stunning neck and headpieces as seen in the greener images. But for S/S 2010, she has made her designs heat friendly by transferring the knitted chains to the simple tops. I love the way that she has kept her creative aesthetic but developed, enhanced and expanded on her initial ideas.

For more info and to see more of her work, visit her website.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Gemma Degara

As you all know, I spend a lot of time trawling the internet and reading blogs, many of which belong to long time readers of this blog. I was on Obsesiones De Una Nina, who is lovely enough to comment on my posts quite often, and fell instantly in love with a pastel pink, rose bag which is the last image on this post.

I had to find out more about the designer, Gemma Degara, and immediately went to her website where I found even more amazing designs. She quickly replied to my lookbook request a with a huge pdf crammed full of creative photograhy, full looks and accessories.

She is based in Barcelona and I can definitely imagine wearing this collection whilst strolling down Las Ramblas or wandering around Parc Guell. I love that there are not only complete looks, but there are also separates within them so you can make your own look, mix up the pastel shades and play with accessories.

I thoroughly suggest you take a look at her website, we can all dream...

Saturday, 24 April 2010

First outfit post, hiding in the dark

So I caved into blogger peer pressure and, along with my talented friend Will Epps and his very good camera, took some photos of what I've been wearing recently. Alas, the only time we were both free was late at night so they're quite strangely lit. The last one was lit by a kind, if confused, Sainsbury's lorry driver.

But anyway, onto the clothes, I don't really know how to set this out as I am an outfit post newbie...
The first dress is a rather new one, by Motel from Ark (It's called Naomi if you're interested!), that I got just because of the back but when it arrived I realised it had pockets, I love a dress with pockets! I shall be wearing this galavanting around Thailand getting some very strange tan line.

The second outfit is my attempt to embrace the longer length trend, the skirt is from the New Look Kids section and was a hefty £2 on sale so obviously I had to get it... The Topshop leather jacket is something I wear practically every day, it's old and a bit ripped but I love it.

The third outfit is my Laura Mackness present from the lovely people at Weekday, which I teamed with an old denim shirt and not much else...

The last one, lit by headlights, is something I'd wear on a day to day basis, I'm seldom seen without a pair of cut off denim shorts at the moment. I cut these ones down from a pair of 50p Gap jeans I got at a Charity Shop. The velvet bra top was also from a Charity Shop, they are my shops of choice after all! The cardigan, from Full Circle, is a bit awesome, it has so much excess fabric you can turn it into a dress or make it have a hood.

My shoes are from Office and I love them oh so much...

So that was my very first outfit post, I hope you liked it, shall I power through and do more?
I am quite smitten with the photography, Will is a bit of a genius, check out his website or flickr.
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