Pretty Girls

Pretty girls in oil pastels by Mercedes Helnwein. I would like postcard versions of these pictures stuck all over my bedroom walls.

For more info and images, visit her website.


  1. Those are really pretty. I wouldn't mind them on my walls either.

  2. it might be the fact i've just listened to both their albums today, but they kind of look like the members of the like...?

    ps, i'm having a christmas jumper giveaway (:

  3. I guess wickedly awesome would describe these best. I love the gaze each of the characters have.

  4. top one looks like moloko lady, the hot one

  5. I like those portraits. Is it just me or do the pretty girls each have a certain haughtiness to their expression? Like, is it with some understated irony that they are entitled "pretty girls?"


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