Parents and Children

This collection of images show Japanese Parents and Children together, I love the way it shows how they have influenced each other, the similarities and the differences. This set has taken the photographer, Bruce Osborn, since 1982 to complete, that's longer than my entire life!

On his website you can read about each family and what job they do, tis rather interesting!

For more info and images, visit his website.

p.s. Thoroughly enjoying the Christmas TV, Father of the Bride FTW!


  1. ah i saw japanese in the title so of course i had to comment :) i love these photos they are soo interesting :)

  2. This actually got me into a holiday spirit of sorts. I love the two at the end of the post the most.

  3. Sounds/looks incredibly interesting!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Really warm photos, love how the set has been an ongoing piece of work. I'm checking out the website now to find out more.

  5. Despite efforts to the contrary my mum and I are frighteningly similar!
    These are fantastic, especially love the first image. A little bit amazing ;)


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