Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hermione De Paula

I've lost count of the amount of times I've posted about Hermione De Paula, she's easily one of my favourite designers as pretty much everything she creates makes me swoon.

I doubt any of it would look good on my curvy frame but I like to pretend it would, whilst I run through cornfields at sunset (obviously do this all the time...)

These images are from her S/S 11 lookbook, they are beautifully feminine without being ultra girly.

For more info and images, visit her website.

ALSO, congratulations to Vicki from Magpie Girl who won the Christmas Giveaway, there'll be a Mini Diana Camera winging its' way to you soon!


  1. gorgeous, the chiffon here is so amazing!

  2. hay :) i just saw your link on IFB new blogger's post and thought I would stop by. great blog you have here :) i'm following you now! have a lovely day/night! ^_^

    F. (

  3. Absolutely beautiful pieces & photography! Her A/W 2010 collection equally rocked - loved the tassles and burnt orange. Enjoying your blog! x

  4. Aww... congrats to Vicki! If I couldn't win, I'm glad it could be her!

  5. Just read your interview at cause I'm kinda curious what other bloggers answered and that's how I got here.
    Really like your blog. Two thumbs up! I'm looking foward to new posts.
    Love from Vienna,

  6. beautiful photos!! and yay i won!! i won!!! :) xo

  7. beautiful. i literally want everything. x

  8. those photos are SPLENDID SPLENDID SPLENDID!! The photo with the white dress is heavenly :*)

  9. these items are gorge soo feminine and very pretty :)

  10. definetly a one to watch ! her designs are gorgeous !!


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