Christina Kraemer and New Year's Resolutions

After a very over indulgent Christmas, it's now New Year and time to stop eating and drinking everything in sight and mould myself into something resembling a normal sized human being!

I also fancy changing me a little bit, it's time to stop wearing so much black and leather! I stumbled across Christina Kraemer's collection which is made up of loose fitting, pastel dresses, something that could cover up my festive lumps and bumps but without my usual layers of black...

What are your New Year's resolutions (or revolutions perhaps) for 2011?

Happy New Year and thank you ever so much for reading my waffling!


  1. What is that bow fixture in the first photo?! I loooove it. All the o's are necessary.

  2. That is a real bow! I do not have any resolutions, just enjoy my time in Turkey, by Erasmus and not to stress about my dog!
    Happy new year Clare* Drink a lot!


  3. Happy New year. Wishing you a happy, healthy and wealthy 2011. I dont do new years resolutions - when I resolve to do something I just do it whatever the time of year it happens to be. Xxxx

  4. Happy new year sweetie! Hope you have a fab one :-)
    My resolutions are to get a job in fashion, find a new home, pass my driving test and making sure my blog does really well. xx

  5. YEAP YEAP Gorgeous clothes!
    Bet you'll look even more gorgeous in them :D xxx


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