Takumi Yanazaki

(photographer : Lot Doms, model : Sarah, Hair/make-up : Griet)
I can't remember how I stumbled across Takumi's work but it was a fair few months ago when I first emailed him looking for more images, some new ones of which popped up in my inbox a couple of days ago that I pretty much fell in love with. 
I like the way the images don't quite look real, like it's some kind of futuristic fantasy the model has stumbled into. The collection is stunning, with structured shoulders, cage like skirts and modern lines adding to the fantasy world.
For more info and images, visit his website.


  1. Minimalist. Graphic. Cool. Hope you are well. Xxxx

  2. These remind of the man who fell to earth. LOVE!

  3. Oh, I'm very happy to hear about my works! I hope there will be more to see my works and be feeling something, then it makes the world a little bit better I wish...
    anyway I'm glad that my work is now shown and known by many countries people! excited!
    see more on my web/blog!


    Thanks and please look forward to seeing my upcoming works!!



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