Naama Rietti

I am rather into massive chunky knits (and knitting...) at the moment, and I'm pretty much constantly into hair clothes, so Naama Rietti's designs are the perfect combination.

I love the Predator/Alien knitted headpiece and think I might have to knit myself a similar version... I have made myself several chunky knit snoody things over the weekend which I may have to share with you at some point!

The shearling coat in the last image is like an excessive version of the aviator jacket that pretty much everyone has, so if you fancy taking it a little further, go for this one!

Visit her online portfolio here.


  1. wow these images are stunning. she is so beautiful.
    it makes us want to be wrapped up for winter !

  2. amazing collection. I wish it's cold here so i can put on all these lovely knit wear and amazing clothes! xd xxx


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