Monday, 15 November 2010

Lion Blau

I fell in love with these alien like designs and images as soon as I set my beady little eyes upon them, I tried to find a website for Lion Blau, the man behind these designs, but have failed a bit... Instead, I found an interview with him speaking about his designs and life in his own words that I found rather interesting so I thought I'd post it instead of me blabbering on about it!

As a Jewish, half-European, half-oriental gay German-Israeli young guy,  I grew up in a very political atmosphere. I guess this was not very visible for my surrounding cause at that time alot of things played only in my thinking. Growing up with people who spoke, bought and wore brands and "fashion" already when we were very young, looking down on people that couldn't afford that kind of clothing, I got very early an "anti-fashion" thinking. Thinking that fashion itself is a surpressor of poor people and individualist thinking in the society. I joined a certain political group, became politically very active. I guess educating myself and critising a lot of things brought me back to see fashion in a completely different view. I got more involved with the "actual" makers of fashion, got over the provincial wearer that thinks of himself in the best way, trying to show it with famous names that he/she is wearing. After I got to know what fashion for the old fashion designers really meant, I started to appreciate it myself a lot more, maybe so much more because I had a complete opposite point of view on it before. So I decided to take fashion as an art into my life myself, realising its the best way for myself to express my thoughts and my needs.

For the full interview, visit Miss French Fashionista's blog.


  1. Excellent snippet, definitely want to read more about this. The photos are pretty intense, as well... :D I can't ever say often enough how much I love coming here to read/see new and interesting things!

    Ripped Nylon

  2. such beautiful colours. great photos as well!

  3. They are a little bit alien but a little bit gypsy.

  4. These pictures are stunning in a haunting kind of way, I LOVE em!!!


  5. Oh no wonder you got bugged eyed over it. Thanks for sharing the interview

    Bright Green Laces

  6. What a combination. What a collection. Great mix. Xxxx

  7. Those are unusual but rather beautiful :)


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