Five things you might not know about me...

So the lovely Eve from Dead Stylish (who I actually went to High School with, aren't we awesome?) passed on her 'Stylish Blogger Award' to me and invited me to reveal 5 things about myself and pass it on. I know I don't usually do these but I'm a little bit drained and meh so thought I'd do something fun and takes little to no energy...

1. I have really, really bad eyesight so I have to wear super thick glasses much like the silly doggy above. I pretty much always wear contact lenses though so nobody knows...

2. I usually prefer Children's TV to grown up's TV, some of my favourite shows include Sorry I've Got No Head, Deadly 60 and Junior Apprentice.

3. I am so, so excited for Christmas already. I'm fully enjoying all the Christmas adverts, lights and have definitely cracked out my playlist already. The Manchester Christmas Markets are calling me so I'm going for some mulled wine on Friday, DEAD excited.

4. I can put my leg behind my head and can fit my fist in my mouth. I don't do either often.

5. I know pretty much all the words to The Parent Trap. The Lindsay Lohan One.

I pass the baton on to:
Buckets and Spades
Diamond Canopy
Gem Fatale


  1. That's funny - I almost never do these things either, and I did a post just like it today. It must be the hump day blahs.

  2. Clare!! This is weird. I had to show my boy this as RE: the childrens TV thing- THIS IS HIM! He actually watches these on catch-up TV cause he's at work when they're on! Hahaha.

    I too can fit my list in my mouth AND I am ridiculously excited for xmas too! Love this post. x

  3. Ha, Ha, Funny. Love the doggie to illustrate your eye sight.
    Leg behind your head and fist in your mouth, wow now those are great party tricks.....careful with the mulled wine at the xmas market :-) Xxxx

  4. WOW so cute!!! I wear glasses too sweetie, that dog pic is too cute :)


  5. im so excited for xmas too- ive got my first batch of mince pies in the oven right now!

  6. this is funny! childrens tv is often better.
    and christmas already! okay... i'll take it, any excuse for mulled wine.

  7. Amazing post Clare! "I can put my leg behind my head and can fit my fist in my mouth. I don't do either often." Brilliant.

    I am stupidly excited for Christmas too. So much so that I actually don't mind the flatmates bashing out the Mariah Carey Christmas album. And I too reckon I know the Parent Trap off by heart, I actually think I watched it every single day as a child. I was so upset when Natasha Richardson died!

    Have a fab time in Manchester on Friday, fully jealous!

  8. Ha, my boyfriend is also slightly obsessed with The Deadly 60! (And I'll admit I don't mind tuning in too!) I can also fit my fist in my mouth but I think that;s more down to my childlike hands than the size of my mouth!

    Penny x
    Crafty Nell

  9. totally imagined sitting on a bed with you asking me if I wanted to see you perform your hand-swallow trick and me, with long auburn hair, asking you to please stop whilst simultaneously drinking my career away. I heart Lohan.

  10. the old leg behind the head thing could come in hardy!geeez.

    thanks for passing the baton.

    i'm really looking forward to christmas too but i'm saving so no outings until then

  11. Haha I wear glasses a lot too and about to go on the hunt for some decent contacts! FYI children's TV is awesome. My sister caught me watching some kids anime the other day...I'll do my best to carry on this tag!

  12. hello there:) i love christmas too and i wonder, have you ever tried putting your leg behind your head and fist in your mouth at the same time haha:)

  13. hhahaha thats funny :D XD wow i never knew u have to use specs :) xd
    i like number 3 ;) i am too excited over Christmas at the moment XD xx

  14. Hahaha oh I know I can't wait for christmas either! Not long now :)

    and same I have EXTREMELY BAD eyesight, it's annoying but I have just got some contacts so yay :) xx


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