Fire Walk With Me

I'm currently in the middle of a Uni project based on the rather marvellous 90's cult TV show Twin Peaks so any kind of reference gets me a little hot under my proverbial collar.

These ones were shot by Jonathan Leder for Vice Style inspired by the Twin Peaks prequel film; Fire Walk With Me. I'm guessing the girls are based on Audrey Horne (my personal favourite female character from TP) and Laura Palmer before she got killed and wrapped up in plastic...

Even if I wasn't an uber geek for the Peak, I'd still love these photos.

For more info and images, visit Jonathan Leder's website.


  1. ohmagawwwwd i love twin peaks so much and these photos are brillopad. im over in vancouver this year and my boy lives in washington, in a town which is SO twin peaks i love it there. agree with you about audrey too, she is a total fox.

  2. Gorgeous! :) x

  3. LOOKS Fabulous!!!
    Good luck with your school project :)


  4. I'm a twin peaks adorer also, love the references of these photos! Makes me all warm inside, beautiful.

  5. oh god these photos are divine. I love them.x

  6. What great inspiration for a shoot and a project. Xxxx

  7. Agreed, these are beautiful shots. There's something very 'Rizzo' from Grease about that girl with the dark hair! jazzy ♥


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