Tweet 99p Ebay Sale!

So I had a massive clearout of my bedroom at home and decided it was  high time to get rid of a load of stuff!

Ebay came to the rescue, so a lot of my Vintage clothes (as well as my Macbook...) are now for sale on there starting from 99p...

Click here to have a look!


  1. gorgeous! love ebay sometimes!
    hope youre okay, long time no speak (my fault entirely!)
    i got style spotted in london the other day and am in a competition on facebook now! and i NEED NEED NEED YOUR vote!
    this is the link:

    and im the first girl on it in the purple coat! please tell all your friends on blogger and on facebook to vote for me as well! the prize is £250 in lipsy vouchers!
    lots of love

  2. wonderful ! LOVE ebay when it works

  3. I will of course be having a look! :) Hope your clear out makes room for lots of lovely new stuff ha.
    jazzy ♥
    PS Haven't chatted with you in AN AGE. I'm a bad blogger these days. Hope you're good sweets x

  4. I'll go check later. Sounds fun! I love that the internet has made it possible to buy people's stuff from across the country.

    Sorry i haven't been commenting on your blog as much lately. I've been pretty busy but I still enjoy reading it when I have free time. :)

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal


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