Reverse Manicure Vena Cava inspired DIY Tutorial

Apologies for the massive lack of posting this weekend, it's been a busy one! To make up for it I thought I'd post a tutorial for a reverse manicure, a la Vena Cava (pictured above) requested by the lovely Michelle of Fvncy. It's simple really!

You will need: Black nail varnish, white (or pale) nail varnish and some round stickers (I've used Bostik sticky dots but just because they were in my room!) that you can find in any stationary shop.

Paint your nails with the black (or any dark colour will do) and make sure they are properly dry before you begin the next steps otherwise it will go horribly wrong... I left mine on for a day, which explains the chips, but an hour or so will do really.
When your base coat has dried properly get a round sticky thing, I used Bostick Sticky Dots but anything round and sticky will do, these ones get a bit melty with the nail varnish... Make sure you take them off when the pale coat is tacky otherwise you'll be stuck with stickers on your nails for a week...
You don't have to be super neat because you can just rip the sticker off and it'll be perfect anyways!
And ta-daaaa, you have a reverse manicure that costs about 74p! I put a matte topcoat on this but you can leave it shiny if you prefer.

If you have a go at it, send me a picture so I can admire your handiwork! Also, if anyone has any requests for tutorials, just drop me an email.


  1. OHHHHHH! i love this, i think i'll try it with white and red.
    Thank you for posting hon

  2. oooooo great idea, thanks for sharing :) :)

    Char x

  3. that's so simple! i just did a post about leopard manicures, nails are soo du jour haha xx

  4. ahhh cunning!! check out our blog, we'll be putting up some nail art-ish related posts soon :)

    I did fluorescent orange tips on a nude base.

    - Matea

  5. Wow - I never would have thought of the round stickers! So simple!

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  6. ooo..this is so easy to do and it looks really good. Will definitely try it out sometime!=)

  7. What a great idea - I am rubbish at getting smooth lines so I'll certainly be trying this little trick! Thanks for sharing :) x

  8. adorable! no time for nails though... mine are chipped disasters every day haha

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  9. love it!!!
    really great!!

  10. OOOOOOO yay!! this is so clever - i never even thought to use a sticker to help cover up the half moon. ok im debating if i should try this myself or go in and ask the lady doing my mani pedi to do it for me...

    i have a wedding to go to this weekend other wise YES i would be doing this myself!

    i definitely will after this weekend :)


  11. love it, im definetly gonna try it with purple and black

  12. This is amazing, I can't wait to try it! x

  13. this is so wonderful, thank you. can't wait to try it and post pictures.

  14. Awesome tutorial. I'll be giving this a try as soon as I get to me nearest office supply store.


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