Seeing as it is Halloween today I thought I'd post something a little on the creepy side. I've posted about Aoi Kotsuhiroi in the past (see here!) so am rather familiar with the morbid oddness that comes with the one of kind pieces and their styling.

These images are much less about the styling than the previous collections, the focus is the jewellery, and rightly so as it's just a little bit stunning.

For more info and images, visit Aoi's website.


  1. They are stunning, and in this context, the nails are pretty awesome too.


  2. These are super amazing. Who wants to buy me one for a Halloween present?

  3. There is a bravery I admire in taking the risk of not showing your wares in a high gloss way. Great shots for Halloween. Xxxx

  4. Happy Halloween! The rings remind me of the Nightmare Before Christmas.


  5. i was just looking at this like, oh how swee- OH MY GOSH BOOBS. haaaha love it! x


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