Gently Down The Stream...

Andy: Jacket by Barbour, T Shirt Models Own, Trousers by Henri Lloyd, Waders and fishing equipment courtesy of Ted Carter's Fishing Tackle. Riz: Dress by Rare, Vintage Jacket, Hat and basket courtesy of Ted Carter's Fishing Tackle.
 Andy: Jumper by Barbour, Trousers by Henri Lloyd. Riz: Dress by Rare, Rabbit ears headband Stylist's Own.
 Andy: T Shirt Models Own, Jeans by Henri Lloyd, Hat courtesy of Ted Carter's Fishing Tackle. Riz: Dress by Rare, Hat Stylist's Own.
 Andy: Jumper Stylist's Own, Jeans by Henri Lloyd. Riz: Dress by Rare, Hat with antlers Stylist's Own.
 Andy: Shirt and Jeans by Henri Lloyd. Riz: Sequin leotard by Rare, Wing headband Stylist's Own.
Andy: Jacket by Henri Lloyd, Trousers and socks by Barbour. Riz: Coat by Liberty Freedom, socks by Barbour.

These are a few of our favourite shots from our first group project at Uni, they are completely unedited but we love them! For anyone that doesn't know, I'm in my Fourth year of Uni at The University of Central Lancashire studying Fashion Promotion so expect to see lots of uni related posts as the stress piles on throughout the term...

We were given an independent shop in Preston to base a shoot around which will eventually be featured within a fictional advertising campaign for them, we got Ted Carter's Fishing Tackle and decided to go down the romantic day of fishing route... We also made accessories using the fly fishing feathers and other things, which you can see in a few of the above images.

The lovely people at Henri Lloyd and Rare let us borrow clothes so a big thank you to them and the biggest thank you goes to the people (especially Joe) at Ted Carter's Fishing Shop, we love you! 

I'd really like to get some feedback on this shoot so let me know what you think, good or bad...

In other news it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm super excited like a little girl, tee hee hee!


  1. glad you posted them, they sure went down well in class. i would describe them as "lovely"! and the location is excellent.

    i'll pop ours up soon

  2. To be quite honest, I think they're great! The color and the composition are very very good, and there are a few little details that really count (e.g. I love the way her sparkly dress picks up on the shimmer that the sun makes in the water). Personally I'd do some photoshop on no.6 and the last, but that's just because I'm a PS freak. Clare, these are really wonderful, good job for the entire class!

    How's everything for tomorrow going? :)


  3. I love these! So interesting to see something someone has actually worked on and produced themselves... congrats!

  4. yowza!
    These are incredible Clare. I'm also in school at the Academy of Art for Fashion (MFA with emphasis in fine arts) and I love that you are sharing your work with all of us.
    Her looks are amazing.
    love from San Francisco.

  5. This looks like it belongs in Marie Claire! Great work. Happy early birthday!

  6. OMG!!! AMAZING!!!

  7. Oh my goodness Clare these are lovely and amazing and just too incredible for words! I love the styling, the photography and the setting. They are so whimsical. And the last picture is my favorite, it makes me think of a soldier on leave in the 40s meeting his fiance by the river, just so they can be alone with each other for a moment. So beautiful!

  8. those pictures are beautiful, clare. i thought those are from a magazine.
    love the raw feel in all of them, too. my suggestion is perhaps you should try to sharpen and enhance the natural colors a bit, and bring the models more into focus.

    good luck for your project!!

  9. ahhh, i love these! especially the last one, and the ones with the massive wellies (:
    ps, happy birthday for tomorrow!!

  10. Ohh these are great Claire! Looks like you got absolutely perfect weather for them too, lucky.

    I think I like the really high key one of the two of them fishing, the seventh down I think, the light just looks gorgeous, makes you want to be in the photo.

    Hope you have a super day tomorrow as well!


    lipstick and balloons

  11. Is it me or are the fishing rods rather phallic? loves.

  12. How fun! I love seeing your work and look forward to seeing more girlie :)

    xoxo Maria

  13. This is one amazing shoot! I really want to head to the countryside somewhere in England now. lol.

  14. I love how this shoot was styled with a fly fishing theme. The waders are a nice addition, and I love the female model's knee socks in the last photo.

  15. I think the pictures are definitely well-done, in all their unedited glory! They're shot very well and I know little to nothing about photography, but I know these areall very visually pleasing :D

    Ripped Nylon

  16. well I hope that you had a very nice birthday
    and I think that the pictures are very nice
    I like how fashion was mixed in with an activity such as fishing
    the clothes are very nice and to see them intertwined in such an instance is a good contrast


  17. These turned out so well! Good work. I love the frilly skirt.


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