Birthday Dress Shopping

It's that time of year again and my birthday has come round without me even noticing... I'm turning 22 (OLD!) this Thursday and have decided on having three parties... This sounds fun but I have nothing to wear!

I've spent an hour or so, when I should have been doing work, 'researching' into what I want to wear and this is my little wishlist! 

I'm off shopping on Wednesday so any suggestions will be very much taken on board! Otherwise you may see me roaming around the streets of Preston in one of the dresses above...


  1. I love that A Wear rosette dress, so pretty! Topshop does have some lovely things in at the minute, but H&M have also got some great dresses! x

  2. Oh how I just love Asos ♥
    Love the first two dresses!

    *following your lovely blog*

    Eda ♥

  3. I'd love to see you in that Peter Pan dress!


  4. I love the peter pan topshop number and the velvet asos one is luscious. 22- so young still I thought you were older from all that you do! Hope you have success and look forward to seeing what you choose.x ( wish zara would hurry up and open ) Katie.x

  5. Yeey! Birthday dress hunting is always so exciting! I'll send a link if I find something, but for now I like the velvet Asos and the red Topshop ones!


  6. I love all of these. I hope this finds you doing well. Have a great week.

  7. I love that black velvet for fall! And 22 is not old, missy! Some of us are turning 27 in a few weeks (eek!).

  8. Ahh Preston! I'm at uni there :) The velvet dress is so lush! So is the polka dot tunic x

  9. Birthday time on Thursday. I love the 1st black velvet dress but would get lots of wear from the Zara elbow lenght. Enjoy your shopping. Xxxx

  10. mmm pleat fold whatever dress. it'll contrast perfectly with your hair and stuff.

  11. I really like the second one (pink grecian) and the Zara elbow length sleeves one. They're both a lot of fun.
    It depends on what you're going for i guess..

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal


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