Alexander Shabanov

I'm afraid this is going to be a short post, I've had hectic day of shooting (I wrote this last night!) which you should see the results of soon hopefully! And had a massively traumatic journey home where we witnessed a cat getting run over brutally... Fun times!

But anyway, enough of that, let's look at pretty pictures. The ones above are showcasing Alexander Shabanov's rather beautiful designs. Definitely need to find myself a sequin balaclava and hang around in glass office buildings...

For more coherent info, visit his NJAL profile.

I'll be back on form tomorrow with an exciting thing, I promise!


  1. Gerat location and lighting. Looking forward to seeing your shoot. Xxxx

  2. They are beautiful :) The location and the pictures are amazing!
    Fashion teapot ♥

  3. Poor cat.

    I want a sparkly glove now. Just one.


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