Yan To S/S Exclusive

The lovely and very talented designer Yan To has decided to share the blog exclusive of his new S/S Collection - Random and Unique - with us lot!

His new collection is a lot more minimal than his previous work, with a lot of little black dresses, perfect tailoring and intricate detailing. I love the commercial yet unique feel to each piece, especially the leather capelet which will be in my brain for quite some time...

I love the use of safety pins on the straps of the last dress, I sense a lot of DIY copies coming out there in the future on the blogosphere!

What do you think of this collection? Which would you like in your wardrobe?

For more info, visit his website.


  1. ohh yeah i can too see what people might be copying for sure, give t a few months and we will see. ace on getting the exclusive. two thumbs up

  2. Wonderful designs, love them all. Personally I'd go for the skirts, though I love the safety pin dress I think I'm still a bit traumatised by Liz Hurley's famous appearance (it's like 20 years ago, I know, but it made such an impact, 'The Dress'...)

  3. love the caped dress and the safety pins! i wouldn't say no if he decided to give me any of his collection...


  4. That woven skirt is it. I need that yesterday, I always find that I need clothing for more "business" oriented events but find a lot of my options are boring. It's just so classy!!

    Ripped Nylon

    P.S. have not forgotten your card, as you probably noticed, I had to drop off blogging for a while :(

  5. A. this is amazing. so amazing.
    B. I haven't been around in awhile, and was just looking through some older posts, love what you've been doing (those shoes from heavy machine=amazing)

  6. Beautiful and elegant, although I would like to see more color.



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