I must admit, all I know about this designer is that she is she and that she is Polish. It's kind of hard to find more information on someone when all you have to go on is SPH...

I spotted her designs whilst browsing Not Just A Label, you can see her profile here, which is the kind of thing I do to entertain myself, that's normal right?

The bright colours and mish mash of patterns caught my eye, plus I fell a little bit in love with the styling. So, this post is not only an 'let's look at nice clothes and pretty pictures', it's also a plea for more information, so if you have any let me know!


  1. oh!!love these photo!
    great colours!!!



  2. Love the colours and the mixture of prints and different fabrics.Good find! xx


  3. Oh those coats. I love them, I wish I had one like this for winter!

  4. i LOVE these! what a great lookbook.

  5. haha! fair enough, the stuff is so cool! and nothing like i've seen which is awesome :)

  6. Lovely blog. I found you through IFB and I can tell that you have a great sense of style.
    Lets become fashionable blogger friends and follow each other.
    Check out my blog and maybe you'll want to make your own Recessionista Chic Post

  7. Haha, I always browse not just a label, therefore the norm? xx


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