The Shoe Galleries

Shoes, shoes, shoes... Pretty much every girl would like more beautiful shoes in their life, so how about a years' supply of designer shoes from Selfridges?

Selfridges are soon to be the proud owners of the World's biggest destination for shoes, The Shoe Galleries, basically and art gallery for shoes where everything is for sale ie. The best gallery ever! Just have a look here to see how many amazing brands and shoes are due to grace the galleries.

To celebrate the opening, on the 23rd of September if you want to go and have a cheeky look, Selfridges have launched a competition. All you have to do is visit their website, tell them about your shoe story and you could win a years' supply of shoes! Click here to enter the competition.


  1. When I saw the words "a years' supply of shoes" I felt shivers down my neck. Of excitement! Oh my! OH MY! I'm not sure I can enter, and anyway, I'm never lucky with these things, but whoever does is one lucky girl! And so looking forward to seeing the gallery sometime in the future!

  2. Oh, how I wish I lived in England because I would be able to waltz right into the flagship and out with some yummy shoes.

  3. woaah! thanks for sharing haha :)!

  4. Clare. I went yesterday. Oh.My.God, its amazing, not quite finished, but still A-MA-ZING! complete with Vivienne Westwood Shoe exhibition :)xxx

  5. Sounds great tnx for sharing the little contest!


  6. Oooh thank you. Now what is my story.....Xxxxx


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