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The lovely Nic from Vint Junky sent me a link when she noticed an uncanny resemblance to my twitter profile picture to the girl on the t-shirt at the top, we have decided I need to get three and constantly stick my tongue out!

Anyways, I had a look at some more of the clothes by Modern Lovers and kind of fell in love. I love the style of drawing and obvious sense of fun. I would be happy to actually have my face on them!

Have a look at their clothes on Supermarket where they are available to buy. It's not actually my face though alas...


  1. Aw let's just pretend 'tis you! We'll buy some & sharpie 'tweet' on them and you'll have your very own blogger tee ;)


  2. Exactly what I thought when I saw the 1st T. I thought it was you. Wow you so have to have a few of this one. Looking forward to seeing it on you. Xxxx

  3. that first tshirt really does look like you!

  4. I can definitely see the resemblance. Uncanny. Those are awesome t's!

  5. I definitely IS your face... I reckon! You = fashion!!

    Charlotte xx

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