London Fashion Week Part Two: Labb Emerge

After spending the afternoon wandering around Somerset House and cursing the Royal Mail/stamps for failing to deliver the majority of our show tickets on time (they arrived this morning about 4 days late...) we trekked over to Hoxton for the Labb Emerge Show.

Labb Magazine offer a platform for emerging talent so gathered a group of them in one rather 'trendy' basement and fed us up with yummy Brazilian cocktails. Plus, the lovely Kelly Anna was in residence sketching the attendees (which you can see in the bottom couple of images) which is always a reason for me to go anywhere.

One of my favourite mini galleries was entitled Project 1927: The Study of an Orchid by Darkest Star, a snippet of which you can see in the first image. Beautiful origami shaped canvas dyed in delicious colours acted as the shoulder straps for a handbag and adorned the walls.

Another of my favourites was Emma Heenan's tapestry inspired mirrored beauties, she doesn't have a website right now but if you want to get in touch let me know and I'll give you her email!


  1. WONDERFUL PICS. thanks for sharing ! xo

  2. ah this does look really cool, i like the pjs display? is it pjs right? like the idea of the "trendy" basement and sketching while your there. see you soon

  3. Thanks for sharing! Awesome pictures!

  4. It's pics like these make me curse myself for not being more creatively talented. The first is amazing! And i'm also extremely envious of the fash illustrations

  5. You are such a lucky bean for getting to go down to LFW, curse student move-in dates! jazzy ♥

  6. amazing displays!


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