London Fashion Week Part Four: Outfits, haircuts and show time

This was Tuesday, the last day of womenswear at LFW. I'm wearing a Tux jacket from H&M (stolen from Claire), a velvet dress from Topshop and zippy shoes from ASOS. I'm so incredibly high street.
Claire is pretending to be someone terribly important in her shades and heels, not that she isn't obviously... She's wearing a leather jacket with a H&M fur stole that we cunningly safety pinned to it in the morning, a vintage red dress from Vintage Threads, vintage belt, sunglasses and shoes from Urban Outfitters.
We both had our hair and make up one in the press lounge seeing as, because of shitty postage, our tickets didn't arrive on time. MAC and Toni and Guy made us look presentable/scary and we enjoyed wearing loads of lipstick. I went back to a bowl cut, with a slight reddish tinge obv, and Claire had hers curly, I rather like our faces and we were ready for the barrage of parties we just 'had' to go to that evening.
I love how fashion shows are exactly the same as the stereotype, they could all be something out of The September Issue, but that's what I love about them.

These (rather shoddy, apologies!) photos are from the Ashish show on Tuesday that we managed to get into despite the ticket problems thanks to the lovely Alice who came with replacements. The show had a very rodeo/cowboy feel to it obviously with a cheeky bit of leopard print thrown in there. I loved the entirely checked, sequined pieces and kind of want some in my wardrobe...

The head pieces were made by the rather wonderful Piers Atkinson who I will be forever in awe of. I also love taking photos of photographers at fashion shows, it just looks so odd...

This is pretty much the last of my LFW stuff (seeing as party photos would be a little too drunken...), apart from plenty of new designers I found who will be featured over the next few weeks, so roll on next season!


  1. I can't believe I missed out!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous time and you both look chic, love the first photograph, simply divine!

    Eda ♥

  2. You look gorgeous! Love the hair. Makes me want to get mine cut... Sorry to hear you didn't get tickets on time- how frustrating!!! I was there Tuesday- would have come and said hello if I'd have seen you! x

  3. You look beautiful!Sounds like a great time!

  4. U look fantastic! Gorgeous tuxedo jacket! WOW!

  5. i love the leather jacket with the fur stole pinned to it. completely awesome :)

  6. Yes roll on next season. I cant believe I only saw you the once. Xxxx

  7. I love, love, love the haircut! Who ever knew a bowl cut could look so hot?

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  8. amazing!
    i love ur look..


  9. I really like your new 'do, dark and blunt is really appealing to me these days. So sorry to hear about the ticketing mix-up, I'm not surprised you were so angry! jazzy ♥

  10. why did you go like the only day i didnt! gosh :) love your outfit, i liked the free MAC too :) xx

  11. Clare both of your outfits are absolutely gorgeous! And how flawless is your make up? Very jealous :)


  12. This is officially my favourite EVER post of yours! It has everything. *sighs*

  13. you look AMAZING! I love your hair and make up! :D

  14. I love tux jackets and esp that you paired it with such a flirty dress

  15. I love the red lipstick
    the shades look great on you both
    and the tuxedo jacket with the dress
    is very nice
    I like it =)


  16. oh thank you for that! I was thinking visiting LFW but didn`t have a chance this time..interesting blog am followig you now:)

    follow me if you want:)

  17. i didn't like the ashish show at all.booo. though i did like the brand logos strangly. your hair DOES looks bloody brilliant

  18. Love the haircut and Claire's glasses. Why is that woman in the first picture wearing camping gear?


  19. so jealous you got to go!!! thanks for the b-day wishes!!!


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