Liam Stafford

Chuck me in a cave with some brightly coloured mohair and I'm happy. Apparently, so is Liam Stafford, Kingston Uni graduate who created these beauties.

I love the structure of the heightened shoulders and rounded hips contrasted with the woollen textures. There are so many different kind of fabrics used, from smooth tweed to hairy mohair in all manner of colours, from fluro to black and I want in.

The cave as a setting for this shoot is a little bit perfect too, the harsh rockface make the softness of the clothing even more beautiful.

For more info, visit his Ftape profile.


  1. yes, the juxtaposition of the cave and the soft, lovely clothes works wonderfully! oh, i adore the colours, as well ♥

  2. awesomeeeee :o

    come here soon :)

  3. Yayyy, flufffy! These are great! xxxx

  4. I love the fluffy wool and those gigantic shoulders!


  5. oh wow, what a well-shot lookbook! love all the colours x

  6. I'm not really a fan of mohair, but this could be interesting. I do love how strong shoulders are in fashion for I have such a complex with my natural ones :p

  7. Oh myyy! Love love love these images! So great!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls


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