Kelly Anna Sheppard live sketches

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that I am a massive fan of illustrator Kelly Anna, who I finally got to meet a few days ago at LFW.

These are some of her recent live sketches from the shows at London Fashion Week including Hermione De Paula, Eudon Choi and Kang D, Impressive no?!

Her work is adored by a rather impressive collection of people ranging from Naomi Campbell to Paloma Faith. All in all, she's a bit bloody good.

Check out her blog for more info and gorgeous illustrations.


  1. I adore her illustrations, they're always so beautiful!

  2. LOVE, I'm such a sucker for fashion illustration.

  3. These are beautiful, she's very talented! xxxxxxxx

  4. Impressive yes. These are beautiful. Xxxx

  5. Fantastic illustrations! sketching fast on the spot is such a different animal than going slow at it taking your sweet time. I'm heading to her blog now!


  6. these really are wonderful! i did the stuff of yours you posted a while ago though :) x

  7. I do like these sketches
    she has a great portrayal of fashion in these illustrations


  8. How fantastic was it to meet her? I wish I had this artistic talent, I struggle with illustration, but this clarity and feeling gives me something to strive for!

    Ripped Nylon

  9. Amazing! I LOVE fashion illustrations and sketches xx


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