Heavy Machine plus cheeky discount code

Shoe porn on a Tuesday anyone? I've fallen head over heels (I am hilarious...) in love with pretty much all of the S/S 11 Heavy Machine collection.

The remind me of a sublter version of Atalanta Weller's designs, which you would actually be able to walk in and wear on a daily basis. I love the curved, chunky, peep hole heels and block colours and want all of them in my life. The black collection of shoesies remind me of a Meccano contraption, which is a damn good thing.

The lovely people at Heavy Machine have offered you lovely people the chance to get 15% off when you buy some Heavy Machine shoes (just quote "iliketweet" at the checkout!) for 10 days starting NOW. Go go go!


  1. Oooh these are awesome statement shoes! If I had landed myself a job by now I would be so on it...

  2. they're mega! blummi' mega. which would you get?

  3. The red wedge ones are beyond amazing. But I just can't afford them. Urgh.

  4. Hmm. Even with a 50% discount I still couldn't afford them - nice shapes though.

    Charlotte xx

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  5. so many fun shoes
    so many fun styles
    I like the heel =)


  6. Jesus these are incredible. If only I could afford the price tag... even with the 15% off it is far beyond my student budget! jazzy ♥

  7. Those shoes are incredible. I could get lost in the heel alone!


  8. eep!! For a minute there I thought I missed the ten days, let me go check that out right now :D

    Ripped Nylon

  9. loooove them!
    saw some amazing Alejandro Ingelmo platforms the other day at http://contentmode.typepad.com

    aaahhh i wish i could afford them!


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