Emilie Lashmar Illustrates

I love simple, clean and interesting illustrations, so Emilie Lashmar's instantly caught my eye. Her illustrating technique is very stylised and controlled yet the blurring of the ink gives it a feeling of chaos (in a good way!).

The last image was for WAH Nails so obviously, due to my slight obsession, I had to post it. I'll hopefully be posting a nail tutorial in the next couple of days, depending on how my experiments go and how much nail varnish remover I have left...

To see more of Emilie's work, visit her website.


  1. I agree, these are lovely clean and simple. Love the use of the splashes of colour. 1st one is my favourite. Xxxx

  2. These are so amazing! I don't see a lot of clean and simple illustrations, so this is really cool


  3. I really like how clean they are too, i love when white space is used as part of the image. The colours are bold and bright too which makes them stand out, I'd have them in a little collection on my wall x


  4. Love love love that last one. Can't wait to see your nail post!

  5. I do agree that the sparks of colour give it something extra

  6. checking out more of her work. it's definitely 'clean' ;) fingers crossed she sells prints


  7. yeap yeap interesting illustrations. I love the 2nd n 3rd. Love the colours. ahha I love the nail pic even more!! EHHE. xx

  8. These is really very interesting post in all these there are so many things which is really very great. Here the technique is very stylised and controlled yet the blurring of the ink gives it a feeling of chaos.


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