Edward Finney S/S 11 and Interview

Edward Finney is a designer who I've been following for quite a while now (see the post about his previous collection here). I finally got to meet the man himself at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer exhibition at London Fashion Week and have a gander at his S/S 11 collection, which is simply beautiful.

I had a chat with Edward about his new collection, showing at Fashion Weeks and Ancient Egypt...

What was exhibiting at London Fashion Week like for you?
Great, I was very pleased with the response to the collection, I think London is the testing ground for all young designers. I wanted to know if I was 'flogging a dead horse'. However having had a positive response I shall be also exhibiting in a Showroom in Paris. I hope to show in London, this is my aim.

What is the inspiration behind this collection and what does it mean to you?
Each season I tend to choose a women with an interesting story. This season Mata Hari was perfect. Her style fit perfectly with my previous research which included Ancient Egypt and Paris in the late 1920's. Although she was Dutch her look evoked that Egyptian style and Paris in the 20's when Art Deco began.

It means a lot to tell a story behind each collection, as a designer it helps open even more creative avenues and it would hopefully interest others.

Your colour palette changes every season, what made you choose gold, black and white for this collection?
Mata Hari, I chose White for the purity (start of life), Gold to represent excitement and energy plus it fits in with Ancient Egypt and Black for her execution (the associated with death).

Who is your favourite designer?
That 'Old Chestnut' question, I think it changes each season depending on the collection. Without a doubt I have been heavily inspired by those who I have been honoured and lucky to have work with, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. Both designers will always continue to inspire.

You recently forayed into film, did you feel you could be even more creative in an unfamiliar medium?
Yeah I think fusing all artistic mediums into fashion work if executed correctly. Film tends to be more personal for the viewer than a show, it is timeless and can be seen over again. Everyone can be on the front row.

My short film 'The Garment that Bleeds', is based on the execution of Mata Hari in Paris. I designed (probably) the first garment that bleeds colour and the colour soon vanishes. The film is on my site and I have also published an unedited version for those doubters.

Who can you picture wearing this collection?
Any women who has a strong personality and confidence somebody like Daphne Guinness.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
A brand that will live true to its own identity. Too many designers are forced into losing their creativity due to the current market, it was hard times like these that created a new wave of highly creative designers. I hope create pieces that interest and evoke Parisian Couture.

For more info and images of his collection, visit Edward's website.


  1. He sounds so interesting! That first golden dress is just beautiful. x

  2. Great interview, this looks like Daphne Guinesses' wardrobe. I personally like the first dress.


  3. Interesting how the looks themselves are executed in just one colour and therefore also stand by themselves, but when you see them together the symbolism behind the colours becomes visible. I also like how his aim is to evoke Parisian couture yet he wants to show in London. That combination between elegance (Paris) and innovation (London) is very apparent in his work.

  4. Wow these are really something.

    His garments really do evoke Parisian couture. I want to get married in that second outfit, it's so dramatic and beautiful!

    Super interview too!


    lipstick and balloons

  5. Ah yes I liked his last collection but am LOVING this one. His inspirational journey is great. Xxxx


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