Travels across the Pond: W-i-s-c-on then you add a little sin

Farmer's Market in Madison 
Baseball and tailgating! 
The Wisconsin State Fair
A boot shaped glass full of 3 litres of beer that you weren't allowed to put down until it was finished...
A Thai temple in the middle of a beautiful garden and some flowers...
Canoeing times! Apologies for the awful photo of me...
Corn fields near my friend's house
Cliche American photo!

So yes, these are the rest of the less questionable photos from my travels to the US. We basically ended up wandering all over Wisconsin, which is in the Midwest and not particularly seen as a coveted tourist destination, but it is a little bit wonderful and we had so much fun.

Tailgating is officially my new favourite past time, it's basically where you sit in a car park before a baseball or football game, drink a lot of beer, barbecue things and play yard games, it's a whole bunch of fun, you should go try it in your local Asda and see what happens!

We ventured to a few rather beautiful places between the boots of beer... Including the Olbrich Gardens and the Farmer's Market in Madison where I took a few cheeky snaps of some veggies. In the Olbrich Gardens there is a Thai pavillion hidden away amongst the roses and sunken gardens, which was built in Thailand, disassembled then re-built in good ol' Wisconsin and it is one of only 4 located out of Thailand, a little bit fancy I'm sure you'll agree. I like me some facts.

Also, I thought it was a little bit necessary to include an American flag, it just has to be done! Normal posting will resume as of tomorrow, honest.


  1. Is it wrong to be totally fascinated by the beer boot?!


  2. Just two words for the photos: beautiful and fun! And OMG that beer boot I've first seen in an episode of Amazing Race, but didn't imagin they would actually used them haha!


  3. Great shots I love the different colour themes of the 1st few. 3 liters of beer. After you put it down empty could you get up? Xxxx

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun! That temple is such a find. I never would have thought there'd be one in the middle of Wisconsin. How crazy.
    PS Yummmmmmmy beer boot. Love it!

  5. WTF @ that boot-shaped can of beer. I'm staring at my screen in disbelief. Oh, America... you never cease to surprise me... Tell me, did you finish it without putting it down?

  6. Oh gossshh I want to go to Wisconsin! Random because as you say, its not a tourist destination, but I just really want to go for some reason! I will have to question you on your trip when it comes to organising mine next year :D x

  7. Your hair is so not boring and so much fun, I wish I had the guts to do something like that...

  8. I'm loving your riverside look! Tres chic. And your hair is so Tallulah from Bugsy Malone!

    Ahh, the beer boot! Sooo hot right now! ;P

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

    Ps. Check out my Vogue Street Style photography shortlist page HERE :D

  9. i love these photos, you capture things so beautifully!

  10. steeeeeerike. now that boot i can get down with! glad you had lots of fun, seems like you went for ages!

    see you soon

  11. Your pictures are so fun
    and girl that is a whole lotta beer!!! lol
    you know that tailgaiting is funny,
    on the east coast that would consist of
    driving really close to another car with out breathing space lol

    the Wisconsin meaning has a better connotation =)



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