My Favourite Dirt Tracks

I like the idea of someone having favourite roads and taking photos of them, this is exactly what Robert Kinmont has done.

This is the version of rural America that I have in my head, maybe I'll go for a search while I'm over there and find my own favourite dirt tracks...

For more info and to see more of his favourite roads, have a look here.


  1. i have favourite roads! i thought i was the only one

  2. These are fantastic. Making me yearn for a roadtrip... hmmmm.

  3. Beautiful photos! Like a cross between Ansel Adams and Jack Kerouac.

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  4. amazing pictures, they make me want to go to a roadtrip!
    And btw i just started my own blog and could you see this? i'm following you!

  5. not as majestic as these make it seem, but rural amerca can be quite beautiful.

  6. Serious Kerouac vibes from these. There should really be a worldwide favourite roads, becuase rural paths in Ireland could not look more different, but are still very beautiful. Food for thought, thanks for posting these!

  7. I live in far away from these photo ops, I hope you do get a chance to find your own!

    Ripped Nylon


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