Friday, 20 August 2010

Ibai Acevedo

It seems like I can barely last a month without posting underwater photos, I love the simplicity of this series though, they aren't all about the floaty dress being taken away with the current, they are simply about a girl in a dress in the water.

The tone of these images are beautiful, the washed out, vintage style suits her outfit and the dappled sunlight is a must with underwater shots.

These shots are by Ibai Acevedo, who has some beautiful photography on his website which you should definitely have a look at.


  1. I can appreciate the simplicity of these images, the lighting is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this great talent, I'll be sure to go to the site!

    p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway if you're interested, ;)

    Ripped Nylon

  2. I think it's the colours that I love. Those rays of sunshine and the watercolour shades.

  3. I've been loving the series of photos since the first time I saw them. So amazingly inspirational. Such beautiful retro colors, and of course the light . .

  4. WOW these are absolute beauty, the way they are falling is just magical!

    Char x

  5. wow the colours in these are so amazing, the lighting is so perfect, im definitely heading over to the link! xxx

  6. Beautiful photography and lighting will check out the website.

  7. There's an entire rainbow in these photos. Amazing.

  8. I love the feeling these express, its like a series of what happens right before the alarm goes off.

  9. gooorrrgeeouss Photostat. 3rd is my fav. :*

  10. seeriously stunning, where do you find these?! x

  11. Wow, so beautiful. I agree, there is something incredibly refreshing with the simplicity of the clothes versus those dramatically huge dresses.

    xoxo Maria

  12. Noticed these on bloglovin! Stuck out to me... great post I love them!

    Adèle –


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