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London Fashion Week isn't always the be all and end all of fashion events in London, there are always cheeky little events running either in tandem or completely independently at the same time. Fashion Mavericks is a relative newbie to these events but prides itself in showcasing new and young designers.

I wanted to learn a little bit more about the event so had a chat with organiser Jacqueline Adholla and featured designer Sara Shimasué, enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about Fashion Mavericks...
Fashion Mavericks is a seasonal Fashion event which takes place during London Fashion Week. It's aim is to provide a platform for new and established designers to showcase their latest work via a solo catwalk show and/or a exhibition or presentation.

Fashion Mavericks is for designer who are edgy, eclectic, independent and diverse. It's for designers who are proud to be individual and unique, who cater to a niche market of avid fashion followers who understand the art of design making and style.

What do you feel Fashion Mavericks offers that is different to London Fashion Week?
Fashion Mavericks doesn't offer anything different it only adds to what is already there. Fashion Mavericks allows designers to be apart and involved in LFW by providing a stage for during one of the most busiest times in the fashion calendar.

Getting hold of key buyers and press home; based or overseas can sometimes be a very hard task so we make it half easy by hosting the event in a venue that's just two minutes away from Somerset House making it easy for guests to attend without having to travel very far.

How are the designers chosen to appear?
Designers are chosen by myself and a panel of experts.

How has the event grown since you started it?
The event is still relatively, September will be it's second season, so quite hard to measure but I must say it has grown in the number of cult followers and designers that are keen to know more about it and get involved. It's definitely proving to be a fresh event that people want to know and get involved in. So I see it evolving positively with each event that takes place.

Who is your favourite designer?
That's a tough one but my favourite designer is DSquared2

And now to hear from the designer Sara Shimasué, who's work can be seen above...

Who was your inspiration to begin designing?

In a way my parents were my initial inspiration. My dad is an artist so I was encouraged and inspired to draw and paint a lot growing up. My mum was also really good at drawing and she had saved a lot of her old sketchbooks of fashion drawings that she had drawn when she was a girl. I thought her sketches were amazing. She also used to buy patterns and sew her own clothes. As a teenager I parked her sewing machine in my room and I was constantly altering clothes that I bought in charity shops. 

How did you get into designing?
It was not until much later that I realised that I would really like to learn more, and do more with it, more than just a hobby. When it finally did dawn on me I left my job in television and enrolled at London College of Fashion. 
I have always been fascinated with fashion, the way people wear clothing and what it says about them, and I suppose it was my desire to visualise my point of view, my perception of style that made me want to design my own range.  

What do you think Fashion Mavericks brings to London Fashion Week that it is otherwise lacking?
The Fashion Mavericks event provides a new generation of unique and brave, independent designers like me with an accessible, vibrant showcase platform where we are able to expose ourselves to a wider audience. Since it is open to the public as well as industry it is a real opportunity to find out what your target market genuinely think about your work. The knowledge, experience and coverage you are able to gain is invaluable to a newbie designer.

Who is your style icon?
I do not really have a style icon. But I do like someone like Johnny Depp's seemingly laid-back approach to dressing. He has got an individual flair and a style of his own. 

If one person (dead or alive) could wear your designs, who would you want it to be?
I would send Katherine Hepburn some freebies if she was still alive.
If you fancy more info, visit the Fashion Mavericks website here and maybe I'll see you there in September!


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