Saturday, 28 August 2010

Edward Finney Sneaky Peek

Here's a cheeky, sneaky peek at Edward Finney's new collection, due to launch on the first day of London Fashion Week on the 17th of September, thanks to the lovely Vauxhall Fashion Scout. 

I have blogged about Edward Finney in the past (which you can see here), I love to watch designers progress and develop throughout their career, and you can easily see the steps that Finney has made just one collection on even from only a couple of images (I have another but blogger won't let it upload, boo). 

Finney's designs have become more tailored, mature and slightly less avant garde, judging by these images alone obviously. There may be a few curve balls thrown in there when the complete collection launches which, as always, would be appreciated. I love the brocade fabric mixed with the flowing silk, all topped off with beautiful turbans that I am seriously coveting but know I would never be able to pull off...

I'll hopefully be seeking out Finney for a chat over LFW so we can all have a closer look at his full collection, but until then, have a look at his website and find the missing image!


  1. these are so luxurious- I love the turbans!
    hope you get to catch up with him at LFW :)

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  3. Yes indeed nice new work. Looking forward to seeing the rest. Great to hear you are coming down for LFW. Look forward to seeing you again. Hope you are feeling more yourself again. Xxxx

  4. it's beaut, so feminine. wish i could make LFW! x

  5. love the turbans!

  6. Here the all designs are really great. I love to watch designers progress and develop throughout their career, and you can easily see the steps that Finney has made just one collection.

  7. I like how the way he design his clothes to somewhat like according to a colour theme? Like in your previous post about him, if the clothes is in red the rest of the pieces are red too, blue and blue.. etc AND NOW it's gold and the white...?? EHHE
    i dun think i make sense:( EHHE BUT I DEFINITELY LOVE THE GOLD :D:D <3 HOT xxxx

  8. ps i forgot!! i love his collection in your previous post so much that i made this picture as my wallpaper before :D EHHEHh xxxxxx
    random info :$ eheh xxxxx


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