Saturday, 21 August 2010

Collar Me

(Photography by Will Epps, check out his online portfolio here)

I have two things from Primark in my wardrobe, this dress is one of them and I'm a little bit in love with it. I barely ever shop in Primark because everything falls apart so easily and, at their prices, you know something is not quite right somewhere in the production line... But let's not get caught up in that!

I kind of wish this dress had sleeves, it would make me feel very Wednesday Addams indeed. I love the collar though. I am wearing my trusty Office shoes as usual and my Topshop leather jacket.

We got some very funny looks from people at the train station whilst taking these!


  1. Love the dress it's perfect and primark? cant believe it- this could be the dress to lure me in there...You look gorgeous and if it had sleeves I might just fall in love a little more! Great shots. fashion clocked

  2. i'm a sleeves girl too. Love the collar, very cute

    Bright Green Laces

  3. Yes, the quality is most of the time pretty bad. And the production...
    But this dress is pretty adorable! I wanted something similar for quiet a long time.

  4. What a lovely dress with peter pan collar!

  5. Really nice photos, i like your outfit :D

  6. I love that dress! I really need to find things with peter pan collars like this! I agree, I'd be more comfortable in sleeves - I just couldn't pull off something sleeveless. I know what you mean about Primark - I find the clothes never quite fit me right but occasionally you find a few gems in there.

  7. I love this dress, it really suits you!

  8. I love this look! Sometimes Primark gets it so right. I have one dress from Primark and I have worn it to pieces! This is inspiring me, I'll have to pull it out of my closet and do an outfit post!

  9. Ahaha, funny looks while you take pictures always make me smile. I got stared down by quite a large group the other day.

    And when you mentioned wanting sleeves, gah! I would be needing that dress now now now.

    In Class, En Vogue

  10. I love the hair, it's pretty awesome... as for Wednesday Addams, you are so right, I love how you toe that line :)

    Ripped Nylon

  11. What's the material of this dress? I adore the cut and the collar, very schweet!

    Primark does sometimes come up trumps, recently got a maroon velour skater dress, it's very 5 year old gothic bridesmaid. Amazing.

    jazzy ♥

  12. Lovely dress! I love how gorgeous and androgynous you look :) x


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