Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The US of A

It just dawned on me that I'll be on in the US next week... I am incredibly unprepared, not even a thought has gone into packing and the tickets haven't even been printed off yet. The trip has been booked for months and months but seems to have crept up on me and pounced from behind.

Thankfully our friends who we'll be staying with are a little bit magnificent and have made us a great plan for the three weeks we'll be over there, including staying in a cabin in the woods (a la Evil Dead), going to see a baseball game and plenty of sightseeing, basically all the places that teenagers get killed in Slasher films, win.

We'll be enjoying Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, DEVO and like a million other awesome bands at Lollapalooza (aka the reason for us going) and staying with friends for another couple of weeks after that, I'm rather excited but very, VERY unprepared. If anyone is in the Chicago/Wisconsin area in August and has sightseeing tips, they would be very much appreciated!

The images above were taken by Paul Octavious at Montrose Harbor in Chicago!


  1. ahh you are so lucky - you will have the most amazing time!

    Do what I do and write a list - I always plan out outfits.. a little geeky I know but it helps to stop overpacking.


  2. I suggest that you see...


  3. Great images...and even greater holiday plans!
    Really fancy staying in one of those log cabins like cabin fever or evil dead!! perhaps i watch too many horror movies...probably!

    Have a fantastic time hon, it sounds awesome


  4. LOVE all of the images!!! xoxo

  5. Awesome!! Amazing photos. I hope you have a great time!

  6. Wrauuugh DEVO! *self-combusts with jealousy*

  7. woohooo!!! hope you have ablast while you're here, it sounds like you will be :) are you going to be in ca at all?


  8. we are devo!


  9. Have lots of fun! I wish I could say hey or offer my house but I live on the east coast.

  10. Sounds exciting! Have fun in the US!

  11. aaaah lucky you! take lots of photos for me :) xx

  12. fantastic post! i adore the light in these.

    xo Alison

  13. so jealous that you get to go to the festival
    I was trying to plan a trip down there but it doesn't seem like it will happen
    ENJOY!!! Espec GAGA AHHH

  14. It is a traveling year for our Clare. 3 weeks in the good old US of A. I wont say I am not jealous, as I would be so lying if I did. And Lollapalooza - now I am really green with envy. I wish you a brilliant, brilliant holiday. Big Xxxxx's

  15. Enjoy! I myself will be back on my home turf, the Dominican Republic woo!


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