Lauren Steeper

I love art that makes you think. I saw these embroideries on Kate's article on MFN the other day and then spent about half an hour looking at Lauren Steeper's embroideries and figuring out how she did it.

Even before I knew there was a method to the cross stitched, colourful words, they were my favourite out of the MMU Embroidery degree show. Now I know how the words were chosen, I love them even more.

Lauren was inspired by Dada, an artistic movement which began in Zurich who created 'anti-art', and the thought of creating a truly random piece of art. Lauren then cut all of the words out of a dictionary (150,000 of them if you were wondering), put them in a jar which you can see above and then followed the instructions in the drawing above. All terribly complicated but I love that something so simple can have such a complex birth.

Lauren hasn't won the lottery. Yet.

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  1.'s cute.
    i wanna make my own embroideries..


  2. How interesting, original indeed, xoxo

  3. WOW. Love this work. I wonder how long it took her to cut every word out of the dictionary.

  4. AWESOME!!! if I head the nerves to cut out all words... crazy.
    love art like this!

  5. Ahh those are brilliant, I love things like that!

    I can't imagine how long it took her to cut every word out of the dictionary though, got to respect that kind of dedication to a project!


  6. this is so cool!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say its LOVELY. do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other. =)


  7. love these, wish i could be good at embroidering :)

    Oh, Restore


  8. Ahh i saw this at the exhibition and was admiring her work. It's such a lovely idea and I love how it makes you think rather than just being pretty.
    Its nice to see other people agree that someones hard work is worth it xxx

  9. I'm like you: I liked it before I found out how but now I like it EVEN MORE. Amazing!

  10. These are really unique and interesting.:)SarahD

  11. i love this idea of anti-art. i wouldn't have had that kind of patience!

  12. Funny, Fantastic and Brilliant. Love this. Xxxx

  13. I like it - the method is a little bananas, but that makes me love it!


  14. I love these! I keep telling my girlfriend that I'm going to make her a scarf but I never get around to it, although this gives me a really great idea!


  15. I love word art - these are brilliant. xx

  16. Her work blows my mind just a little bit. Brilliant stuffs.

    Pretty Much Penniless giveaway!

  17. That's pretty awesome. My mom loves to cross-stitch, this makes me think of her :)

    xoxo Maria

  18. I love this! I keep wanting to take up embroidery again, but I just haven't gotten around to it! I really need to.

  19. Nice -something to make think. Dadaism was quite a strong movement in Europe

  20. Just lovely, such beautiful typography and colors! There's a custom that I implemented at mine place where everybody who comes in for the first time has to choose 5 magnetic words from a jar and place them on the fridge. We get the funniest things, I just added a few erotic ones to the mix, so just imagine . . . *giggle*


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