Katie Eary and Catwalk Genius

(The portrait photos were stolen from lovely Amy from Wolfwhistle and the landscape ones are mine!)

So I'm completely behind all the other good bloggers, I chose to go to Nottingham and have a weekend of cocktails and fun times instead of uploading photos, I'm a bad blogger...

On my travels to London last week I met up with the lovely Anna Madeleine and went to Selfridges Christmas press day (I know it's July, weird!) then found the gorgeous Amy from Wolfwhistle and Luke who really needs to get a blog... We all trundled off to London Bridge to The Architecture Foundation to celebrate Katie Eary reaching her target of $5,000 on Catwalk Genius, make sure you check our Catwalk Genius, it's a bit good!

This is Katie Eary's first dabble into Womenswear and she definitely hasn't disappointed. Even this small collection exudes Katie Eary's design skills, the woody prints hark back to the prints within her recent Menswear collection as does the colour palette. The venue was a little bit amazing too, entirely covered in moss and full of peep holes, we had lots of fun hiding while drinking scrummy organic cider. I also got to meet the lovely Isabelle OC and sadly just missed my twitter buddies Alex and Fiona, fail!

I look a bit bedraggled in the photo above because I'd been tramping around muggy London all day, though I'm wearing a vintage lace top, Henry Holland for Debenhams leather shorts and Office brogues if you wanted to know!

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some of those leggings!

For more info visit the Catwalk Genius website.


  1. Great Pictures, thanks for sharing darling !!! xoxo

  2. this place is fantastic!
    gahhh i wish i lived close enough to see it!

  3. Such an amazing post- the most covered walls incredible and the cider sounds fun too! I have those shorts on in my latest post too- got to love a bit of henry!xxx
    fashion clocked

  4. so gut pictures and great place!


  5. i'd chose cocktails every time! that backpack is sex... & i love your vintage lace. x

  6. super times have been had! you look ace clare, your hair is uber teddy girl!

  7. that was the cat walk? seriously?? i love the moss on the walls making it look like a maze!


  8. Great photos. Thanks for posting these. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. this looks like great fun! nice outfit

  10. lovely pics.
    the previous post is great!

  11. You don't look bedraggled at all - you look great. Should have seen me after 10 mins on the Tube last week, what a state! My Scottishness doesn't mix well with the heat! xx

  12. LOOK! A photo of you! This is a rare occasion indeed :) I concur - those leggings are fit, and I entirely empathise on the no-blogging front, life totally gets in the way. I'm catching up on all of yours now sweets! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  13. Wow, those walls are amazing, and I love the way the clothes are displayed! Bet it was fun to visit!

  14. Lovely...cocktails and fun times.

  15. Great post! You are always having the best time. I'm on the Catwalk Genius site right now and love Katie Eary's Gold Swarovski crystal studded jacket. She is so talented!


  16. yes those leggings are pretty fab and I love your top!!!!!



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