Sunday, 27 June 2010

Liverpool adventures with Buckets

I had a meeting scheduled in Liverpool last week and Mat of Buckets and Spades (who has an awesome competition running on his blog at the moment that you should definitely check out!) decided to tag along for a jolly!

So, we decided to visit The Tate, have a shop in Liverpool One and generally explore Liverpool seeing as neither of us had spent a huge amount of time there before.

The Tate was amazing, even more so than usual, we didn't end up visiting the Picasso exhibition but we thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it. There is a sculpture exhibition running at the moment across two floors of The Tate which is a little bit wonderful, one floor has been curated by Carol Ann Duffy (who takes me back to A Level English Language...) and has pieces all connected with language, ranging from kinky fluorescent lights to transcribed Bob Dylan documentaries spanning the length of one wall.

One of my favourite pieces was by Cornelia Parker called 'Measuring Niagara with a Teaspoon', she has melted a silver teaspoon and stretched it to the length of Niagara Falls. You can see a video of her talking about her work here. I took a photo of it but it was in an incredibly reflective frame so it turned out quite abstract but interesting...

After having a bit of a boogie on the disco floor in The Tate, we ventured out for a little bit of a shop in Liverpool One, which is lovely by the way! I had already done a little Top-shopping in the sale before the meeting but we had a wander round staring at things we couldn't afford, including the black Miu Miu's I've been lusting over in the Flannel's sale.

We had a little rest on the deck chairs and carried on perusing the shops all over Liverpool, after that we failed to find somewhere suitable to drink booze so settled with M&S sweets! Twas a lovely day out.

The winner of my recent Lady Gaga competition is the lovely lady from Walk The Sand! I will be hosting another, rather exciting, giveaway in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Oooh...luck you! I've always wanted to visit there!! Thanks for sharing the pictures! xoxoxoxoo

  2. Awww man why can't we be neighbors?! seriously, because I always want to go to different museums, exhibits, and galleries - I have no one to go with :(


  3. really cool pictures! it looks like that was a pretty fun day

  4. this is art...great post...very cool photos

  5. thanks for sharing this, your pictures look so amazing, love love, xoxo

  6. i had a super day, the exhibition and the deckchairs were my highlights. more again soon please

  7. Ahh how fantastic, it really does sound like a fab day out ! I have not been to Liverpool for a while, but there is always fab things going on in the Tate and just as good shopping, even if it is window shopping sometimes!

  8. Tbhis looks so fun and you guys look great! I love that mat is wearing and your double denim is awesome!

    Congrats to the winner! x

  9. Oooh looks like you had such a wonderful day! I would have loved to have seen the CAD floor, I too studied her in English (my favourite was Education for Leisure, I swear we all did the same syllabus?) Either way so glad you had a nice time, I'm still completely in love with your hair. Undercuts are so brave but if you can pull it off they look wicked. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine mrs ♥

  10. Amazing images, I really want to visit now! I love it when you're surprised at galleries and see more interesting stuff than you would expect, I found that the last time I went to the Met, so many cool modern art exhibits. Like the look of your shoes too.

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  11. Nice outfit,

    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam

  12. you are both lovely stylish people :)

  13. omg!

    u look absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

    love ur double denim style!!!!!!

    ur haircut is so cool too!

    keep in touch!


  14. awesome! awesome! i love the neon sign.


    xo Alison

  15. your photos are too good! looks like a fun day, are you near london ever?
    aah sway. yeah i couldnt understand a lot of what she said...xx

  16. looks amazing- i must give the tate lpool a visit asap! You have completely sold it- amazing photos- excited to go already... I seriously have been meaning to go The sun is killing all activity for me at the min- just too good to miss!xxxx
    huge congrats to walk the sand yippeeeee!xxx
    fashion clocked
    call by sometime!xxxx katie.xx

  17. These photos are amazing and this art is just stunning really. Thanks for sharing this fabulous exhibit with us. :)

  18. Perfect trip for a day out with a friend!

  19. this is really..really cute! i love it.

  20. your photography is amazing!

    great blog btw !
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

    xo elena

  21. Wow, the pictures are stunning! You're very talented at photography :)

    Congrats to the winner! x

  22. looking good in double denim, kudos :)
    seems like you had a fantastic day out!

  23. Looks like a great day out. That 1st shot is amazing. It was good to see you again in shots 5 and 11 and to meet Mat. I will check out his blog. Xxxx

  24. Clare!!!!
    You look so cute <3
    I love your bag

    my fav is the kaleidoscope picture with the mirrors
    it's cool how it all reflects


  25. :o you're not allowed to take photos in the Tate :P

    Oh well, what's done is done!


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