Kata Szegedi

I've been a fan of Kata Szegedi for a while now, so I was very glad when some high res images from her popped into my inbox the other day as I couldn't grab any images from her fancy flash filled website.

Kata's designs are beautiful, intricate and imaginative using a perfect colour palette mixing dark blues with bright yellows in cosmic prints. I love the deconstructed leggings and jackets, the shoes make me drool and the overall sportiness of the collection makes me want to put it all on and play badminton.

This particular shoot is stunning, shot by Mark Visley (who's website is definitely worth a look), the shapes and contortions of the models' body paired with the low angled shots make her look perfectly out of proportion and alienesque.

Check out Kata's website for more info and images.


  1. those shoes are killer! love them!


  2. I love the geometric patterns and tailoring and the way she uses color. The pants in the third photo is amazing!

  3. wow i love the high heels!!
    kisses from Spain:)

  4. such a stunning architectural shoot- The photography and the incredible cutwork= all amazing. Thanks for sharing!xxx

    fashion clocked would love you to check out my new post. katie.xxx

  5. the shoes with the yellow platform <3

  6. I don't know if I would wear them for sports, but the designs are very interesting.

  7. Omg this is so freakin awsome.

  8. the angles in this are amazing. thanks for sharing!

    xo Alison

  9. just stunning. I was looking at these shots and thinking that exact word, "alien-esque":)

  10. open backs are my favorite-- I love her calf cut out too

  11. wonderful, divine shoes, I love them.




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