Graduate Spotlight: Wei Ting Hu

I adored Wei Ting Hu's brightly coloured, sportswear inspired collection as soon as I saw it on the LCF showtime profiles. The colours an accessories remind me of Holly Fulton, which is a very good thing.

I love the layered, contrasting socks, rubber shoes, cut-outs, quilting, perspex and chain like features. I want to wear all of these pieces, not only are they incredibly on trend, they also look so very comfortable.

I chat to Wei Ting Hu about her Taiwanese roots, skills she has developed and why she loves London...

Let's start simple, tell us a little bit about yourself...
A new designer in womenswear, an enthusiastic and patient person, Confident with a passion to learn and enjoy working hard. I have good punctuality, I am efficient with my organisation and time management, I communicate well working as a member of a team and has all round skills - Research, 3-D garment design and manufacture, skilled in womenswear pattern cutting and sewing. I can speak fluent English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese.

I am inspired by people who think in different way and asymmetrical influences. I have extensive experience of working in the creative industry both in fashion & interior design. Looking for an internship, I would be a focused and diligent in individual for employee

What was the inspiration for your graduate collection?
The main idea for this collection came from Taiwanese traditional building styles. It explored the architectural structure and details then transferred such ideas onto modern day womenswear clothing. The collection also combined the element of fashion from the eighties such as oversized shoulders, and the silhouettes reflected architectural heritage through design which merged separate aesthetic approaches in order to create a new form of glamorous dressing.

What are your favourite magazines/blogs?

Did you enjoy studying at LCF and would you recommend it to others?
I did enjoy a lot ~ I learned a lot here, especially pattern cutting.

If you could work for any designer, who would it be and why?
I had working experience in Alexander McQueen before and I will never forget the experience I had there. In the future I would like to work for Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang, I just love their style.

What did you want to be when you were younger?
When I was very young I wanted to be a interior design in the future but in the end I chose fashion design.

How would you describe your own personal style?
Cool and fashionable.

Who would you most like to see wearing your clothes?
Any customers! Anyone who loves my work.

Where is your favourite place in the World?
I love my country, I love New York, I love London, I love where fashion is about.

What's the best way to relax after all the stress of finishing a collection?
Travel around, looking for new stuff and relax with friends!

To see more images and for more info, visit Wei Ting Hu's LCF showtime profile.


  1. great collection...amazing colors...great pics

  2. these outfits are very bold i must say but the colors are amazing!! i hope you can stop by my blog and follow!!

  3. I love the beautiful, bright colours.SarahD

  4. Great collection! Love the colours and pics x

  5. I love how the color pops up so well.

  6. This collection is much fun, thanks for sharing. I sometimes wonder whether we are doing a favour to all those young British designers by giving them so much exposure so early in their career - actually before their career starts.

    Many of the great designers have benefited from working (in-house or freelance) for other designers (Ghesquière and Decarnin are the latest names that spring to mind). Very few designers have managed to launch their brand straight from school!

  7. Wow- work experience with Alexander Mcqueen- how incredible- Amazing collection- very futuristic, urban and strong!xxxx
    fashion clocked


  9. I love her collection. The colors are so fun and bright! That interview is so great. She seems like such an influential asian fashion designer. We need more of her!!

  10. fab collection!!xxx

  11. great post! love these colors and cutouts/textures


  12. loving all the bold colours xxx

  13. So cool. I love the cutouts on the first look esp.

    xoxo Maria

  14. i really enjoy the peekaboo play of color played against the gray background. really really neat.

  15. For some reason my first impression of this collection was that it seemed Asian. I'm not sure why.

    nice post

    Christy from Dress Rehearsal

  16. I love your blog, you have found amazing graduate work!!!

  17. WOW I LOVE THIS!! I love the colours used and the contrast OMG <3
    She can speak cantonese! I can't :( haha I can understand very little of it :( XDXD

    wow she's lucky :D she had the opportunity to work with Alexander McQueen.

    Gorgeous clothes and great post :D xxx

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