Graduate Spotlight: Claire Turner

Deemed 'Kinky Ceramics' by the Dean of the University of Sunderland, Claire Turner's work definitely caught the attention of everyone in the Glass and Ceramics degree show.

This body (excuse the pun) of work explores what goes on behind closed doors, looking into family life and the theory of normality. The floral details and classic vase shape are distinctly 'normal', depicting something you would be able to see in pretty much any country house. The inclusion of fetishistic chains and china versions of the unobtainable dimensions of Barbie reflect the underlying darkness and dysfunction of family life.

I want pretty much everything here in my life and on my mantelpiece, not only is there a delightful amount of antique style florals that I love but throw in some pornographic china, purple flocking and witty, pun-tastic names.

I haven't included an interview for this piece because Claire and I had far more important things to do like look at all the other amazing work, eat all the chilli prawns and drink the 'good wine' before it went.

Claire and the rest of the Sunderland Glass and Ceramics graduates will be featured in the New Designers exhibition that will take place between the 1st and 11th of July in the Business Design Centre in Islington, if you're in London you should definitely go and have a look.

Also, Claire's Dad deserves props for his excellent plinths so hoorah for Gary Turner!

If you want to contact Claire or buy any of her pieces, email her at


  1. wow ceramics being kinky is such a foreign concept to me


  2. these are brilliant! when i'm all grown up i'd like to fill my house with these

  3. these are amazing, im not really a ceramics kindof girl, or art for that matter - but Claire Turner should be proud of these!

    Oh, Restore


  4. Wow! That's some phenomenal work!

  5. haha they're brilliant! love the humour in them.

  6. These are just soooo amazing !

    I would love to own one of these pieces, they are all so beautiful with a vintage feel :)

    Char x

  7. That is so crazy! It's always exciting when people come up with legit new ideas.

  8. i love these clare, it's a proper kink-fest

  9. I LOVE this - so creative. I hate twee ceramics ans figurines but I would actually LOVE to have one of these pieces! They are wonderful.

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  10. These are very cool - love them. xx

  11. the floral design is really beautiful, wonderful vintage look to it.

  12. magnificant pieces, so unique, I ain't seen anything like this before

  13. Awesome!! I love the one spanking speaks louder than words!! I want one in my room! xoxooxxoo

  14. Wow ,such a fantastic...,love this post.

  15. COOL haha. Never knew ceramics were so cool :P =_= ehehh. They are really cool ceramics! I love the ones with chains hehe something new! (first n 2nd pic?) xxxxx


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