Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Brighton Fashion Week

When the invitation to Brighton Fashion Week dropped into my inbox, I replied with a big YES! within the minute, any excuse for a trip to the seas right? But when I looked closer, I realised I could only go for the first day, boo.

Though it was only a fleeting visit, I managed to make it to the VIP opening with fellow Sketchbook writer Mariana (twitter people may know her better as @Emmes11) to drink champagne, have a sneak preview at all of the best designer's clothes and rub shoulders with Brighton's most fabulous. We had a lovely evening, which very quickly (after a few complimentary champagnes and vodka red bulls...) turned into night.

But, enough about us, time to focus on the designers in hand. I am so gutted I had to miss the runway shows, I've been looking at all of the official photographs from the event and it looks incredible. The images above, courtesy of Nick B Photography,  are my favourite pieces from the shows and I thought I'd share each designer with you, in the same order as the images above you'll be pleased to know...

Jez Eaton wows the audience with incredible costume like designs with her 'Trashion' show made out of found objects like Lidl plastic bags, Kettle chip packets, broken umbrellas and lampshades.

Nikolo Bertok layers and gathers fabric to perfection.

Meganne Murrin completely stunned me with the beautiful, feather clad designs.
Flik Hall uses hair, leather and baby pink in her work. What more could I ask for?

Studio 805 a brand I've loved since I saw them show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout a few seasons ago, so creative, unique and eye catching.

Joanne Fleming  brings some ethereal, feminine beauty to Brighton with her ruffled, raw edged dresses.

Playsuit Parlour have the cutest, perfect for summer pieces that you probably need in your life.

Joy Williams who can resist heavy duty fashion? I love it.

I am so pleased to be involved with Brighton Fashion Week, bring on next year!

For more information and images, visit the Brighton Fashion Week website.


  1. that first shot is absolutely AMAZING :O

  2. pretty gutted i missed it actually, it does look like there is a lot of talent down there. to be expected i guess though, brighton rocks right!!?!?!

  3. omg!!!!!

    amazin pics here!!!!!!!

    love love love!!!!!

    thanx for visitin:))


  4. Ah-maaaazing! wow!
    Especially the lampshade dress, like a creature from the bottom of the ocean!
    Quirky Brit grad shows are the best


  5. The dress with the lamps are amazing, I can't help but wonder how it feels when wearing it!
    The shade of blue in the second dress is pretty too :)

  6. it's amazing
    i love the first pic too

  7. Jez Eaton and Joanne Fleming's work looks beautiful!

  8. Great pictures! I'm so sad I had to miss it, instead I am stuck in my house in Brighton revising :-( xxx

  9. My favourites are the last 3. Beautiful.
    Sounds like you had a great time. Thank you for bring these to us. Xxxx

  10. umm absolutely inlove with your blog!!

  11. all very beautiful. i've yet to experience a fashion week!

  12. gaga needs that first dress in her next appearence or video! and i need that sort of romper piece on me pronto!


  13. All of these pieces are amazing, truly breathtaking!

    I particularly love the Jez Eaton piece, and her concept of 'Trshion' is really unique and innovative. Making us reconsider the value of apparent humble objects, that are used so often in everyday life.

    Great post, I've enjoyed looking through the photos, makes me wish I was there!

    I would be grateful if you could visit my blog, as I'm still relatively new at the whole thing. Many thanks, Style Queen

    p.s. I am now following yours :)

  14. fabulous! every outfit i can see gaga in especially the 1st one!

    Eda x

  15. Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Gee I;ve missed so much . . . a lot of things happening lately, will write a mail soon and fill you in. In the mean time, I've received the package, so excited!


  17. you've got some good designers there

  18. amazing!!fab post;P

  19. Wow, love these!! Thanks for sharing them, so cool.

  20. My favourites are the first, the fourth one from the bottom and the last one.
    Just......WOW. AMAZING. I so wish I was there!


    x x x x

  21. love these photographs, especially the first one! great blog

  22. All the collections posted are so enigmatic that I couldn't choose a favorite!

  23. Wow, sounds like great fun and some of those designs are amazing. Great photography from this Nick fellow, too! You can see all the details perfectly.
    Thanks for your scrummy comments on my blog, glad we're now Google connected friends, ha! <3
    PS - good luck with the leopard nails!

  24. The caged skirt/dress is so intricate and cool.

    Very inspirational blog!

  25. the first pic is WOW all the lanterns used n lights. AMAZING shot too :D
    I checked out all of them and yeaaap so agreeing with you playsuit parlour is defo a must have(well for me :P heehehhehehehheeh since it's summer here like forever =_= XD)
    awesome fashion show lucky you !! ehhe xxxxx

  26. WOW stunning!!! I like the one in red, especially! This is a great blog :D

    I've never even been a fashion before, you're so luckyyyy!

    Classique chérie

  27. These are quite crazy but really cool :)

  28. haa, I was working for Brighton Fashion Week and was the one to invite you,

    so glad you went!!

    the images look amazing :)

    Char x

  29. Aaah thats soo cool that you went! :D

    I was going to go but then.. packing etc.. Boo! So lucky that you had the full VIP treatment!

    I am astonished by the first look, wow, that must have been awesome to see!


  30. Join the Brighton Fashion Week face book like page x


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