London Times: Sketchbook Magazine Pop Up

I am a sad Clare this morning as yesterday I found out that my trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore has been cancelled, we were supposed to be leaving tomorrow so the half packed suitcase in the middle of my room is just taunting me now. BUT at least I can vote now! I hope everything settles down in Thailand soon for everyone there, it must be awful.

Anyways, mini rant over, I finally made it down to Sketchbook Magazine's Pop Up Shop! It was only a brief visit, but enough to look around all of the underground rooms that they had to offer, entirely covered in doodles, sketches and artwork.

I love the office style drawings that cover the walls, I think it's the black an white that enamour me so. There's also a little bit of tweet left on the whiteboard!

I adore the little pictures of all the staff at Sketchbook by Laura Callaghan, her style of drawing is my ideal.

Wafa, the editor and founder of Sketchbook, is not only incredibly talented but is also incredibly lovely, everyone should try and get down to Sketchbook's Pop Up events, Susie Bubble is doing a talk on the 13th of May which you should go to if you can! Check out their blog for more details.


  1. lucky bugger that you went down for the day. sounds like you had a nice time.

    see you sooner than expected then

  2. Oh, I wish I could go! I've been drooling over all of these gorgeous images of the pop up shop. Unfortunately, there's absolutely no chance of me getting there, as I have no time for a trip to London at the moment. I'm hoping there will be some exciting things to visit in the summer though, as I have lots of free time then!
    Hope you are feeling a bit better my dear
    Clare x
    P.S. I have given in. I am going to get Twitter. As soon as I have finished my work today, I shall be signing myself up to it. I hope it doesn't make for more distractions from my real work, ha! Bloglovin is bad enough!!

  3. Awww, hope you cheer up buttercup:) I clicked the link to miss Callaghan's work and it's rather lovely. thanks for sharing<3

  4. Oh my gawd, that amazing! <3 <3 Love it.
    x x x x

  5. Cute pictures!

  6. Sorry to hear about your holiday - but there's still a lot to do here in England!

  7. Sorry about the Thailand trip!

    This looks amazing, how long is it on for?

    I would love to get down there, seems amazingly inspirational!

    Char x

  8. I want walls like the one in the 6th photo! Looks like a really inspirational and fun space to be in, wish I could go.
    aww that's too bad about the cancelled trip :(

  9. beautiful sketch some are cofusing some are amazing love them all

  10. Super jealous!!! It looks awesome!!!

  11. Sorry to hear about your trip.. Maybe you can go later, don't be sad!

  12. OMG! the walls are epic!! Wish i could sketch like them.
    aww the trip:( but u'll still make it right? only a little later? :) xx

  13. wow they are amazing! i'm so sorry about your trip x

    High street + Couture =

  14. how awesome! especially the birds on the wall
    My best friend's honeymoon had to be sorta cancelled as it was also to Thailand.

  15. Hi!
    youre blog are very cool!
    hope your visit me back!

  16. hey
    these drawings are great
    I love 'em


  17. Oh no! I am terribly sorry to hear your trip was canceled. But these images are divine!

  18. So Art`ish, love it:)

  19. how awesome!! wish i was there!! love sketchbook! sucks about your holiday! hope you get there soon! :)
    vicki xo

  20. such cool wall art!

    lovelove, M.

  21. That looks so fun! I love those enamels they have on the walls.
    I wish I could go!
    Sorry to hear about your trip, but it's for the best.

    Fernanda Lucila

  22. They asked me to speak & I cldn't make it. So annoying. LLGxx

  23. that is awesomeness to the tenth power

  24. That sucks about your trip! :(

    I do however, love seeing that sketchbook canvas getting fuller and fuller each time people visit. I spent a good half an hour reading all the comments and wondering if I knew anyone!

  25. Great images! Love your blog x


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